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1989-07-01 (age 32)
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Ricciardo: Current F1 form is a 'sad reality' for now Hungarian GP
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Ricciardo: Current F1 form is a 'sad reality' for now

Daniel Ricciardo says his ongoing qualifying difficulties are proof of the ‘sad reality’ he is facing in Formula 1 at the moment.

Ricciardo past point of frustration with McLaren F1 struggles
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Ricciardo past point of frustration with McLaren F1 struggles

Daniel Ricciardo says he's past the point of frustration as he tries to adapt to the 2021 McLaren Formula 1 car – and has accepted that it is an ongoing challenge.

Ricciardo not satisfied with first F1 Q3 appearance since France

Daniel Ricciardo said his return to Q3 at Formula 1’s British Grand Prix did not bring much satisfaction – as he actually felt frustrated because he could have done better.

Ricciardo clarifies "shit" F1 2022 launch car remarks

Daniel Ricciardo has clarified that critical remarks he was accidentally caught saying live on air were not directed at F1’s new 2022 car design.

Why Ricciardo doesn't want McLaren struggles to leave him 'resenting' F1

The disconnect between McLaren duo Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo has been one of the key storylines of the 2021 Formula 1 season.

Ricciardo: Drivers abusing F1 qualifying etiquette should expect trouble

Daniel Ricciardo thinks drivers who abuse Formula 1’s gentleman’s agreement for qualifying should expect trouble to be dished back out to them in the future.

Ricciardo insists he's making progress despite latest Q2 exit

Daniel Ricciardo insists that he is making progress in getting on top of his McLaren car, despite more frustrations in qualifying for Formula 1’s Austrian Grand Prix.

Ricciardo "not going to panic" over Austria F1 Friday form

Daniel Ricciardo says he is “not going to panic” despite being “surprised” that he could only finish 15th in Formula 1 practice for the Austrian Grand Prix on Friday.

Why '5/10' Ricciardo isn't giving up on his McLaren quest Prime

Why '5/10' Ricciardo isn't giving up on his McLaren quest

Daniel Ricciardo has endured a tough start to his McLaren career. He's been comprehensively outscored by his teammate so far, and with each passing race the explanations of his struggles can increasingly be seen as excuses. But while admitting that his on-track performances don’t merit a particularly flattering mark, Ricciardo is convinced that he will make a success of the move

Ricciardo: F1 power unit glitch was "disheartening"

McLaren Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo says the power unit issue that caused him to tumble out of the points in the Styrian GP was "disheartening" after making a lightning start at the Red Bull Ring.

Ricciardo: More forgiving tracks will help fast track my learning

Daniel Ricciardo believes that "more forgiving" Formula 1 tracks will help to speed up his learning process as he continues to adapt to the McLaren MCL35M.

How Ricciardo banished his Monaco F1 ghosts in 2018

Victory at the 2016 Monaco Grand Prix slipped through Daniel Ricciardo's grasp and left the normally jovial Australian enraged. But two years later at the 2018 edition, he banished those demons with a gutsy drive

McLaren's "special" F1 driving style hurting Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo’s adaption to McLaren is not being helped by its 2021 Formula 1 car needing a "special" driving style, says team boss Andreas Seidl.

McLaren will help Ricciardo "recalibrate" - Seidl

McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl says his team will help Daniel Ricciardo "recalibrate" after a disappointing qualifying for the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix.

Ricciardo refuses to believe he's one second slower than Norris

Daniel Ricciardo refuses to believe that he is so much slower than McLaren Formula 1 teammate Lando Norris after failing to get out of Q2 in Monaco.

Ricciardo: Monaco GP will feel "a little empty" this year Monaco GP
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Ricciardo: Monaco GP will feel "a little empty" this year

Daniel Ricciardo thinks Formula 1's Monaco Grand Prix will feel ‘a little empty’ this year because of COVID-19 restrictions.

Ricciardo: Hamilton's hard-fought F1 wins silencing doubters

Daniel Ricciardo thinks Lewis Hamilton’s hard-fought wins in Formula 1 this year are helping silence doubters who questioned just how good he is

McLaren development will benefit from Ricciardo confidence gain

McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl believes Daniel Ricciardo's improved comfort in the car will be a boost to the team's development, as it will be able to start tapping into the Australian's vast experience.

Why Ricciardo has found corner entry so hard with McLaren

The struggles of top Formula 1 drivers to adjust to new cars has been an ongoing story thus far in 2021, revealing just how hard it is to take the current machinery to the limit.

Ricciardo more confident in his McLaren F1 car after "mini breakthrough"

Daniel Ricciardo says increased confidence in his upgraded McLaren Formula 1 car is behind his strong Spanish Grand Prix qualifying performance, which he labelled as a "mini breakthrough".

Why McLaren doesn’t doubt Ricciardo can escape his ‘dark’ place Prime

Why McLaren doesn’t doubt Ricciardo can escape his ‘dark’ place

Three points finishes from as many starts represents a decent opening innings on paper, but Daniel Ricciardo has endured a tough start to his McLaren career - only magnified his teammate's excellent form. Yet both he and the team have good reason to expect a turnaround soon.

Seidl: ‘Matter of time’ until Ricciardo is back at his best

Andreas Seidl believes it is just a “matter of time” until Daniel Ricciardo returns to his peak level of performance after a difficult start to the season with McLaren.

McLaren: Ricciardo's struggles exaggerated by low-grip circuits

Daniel Ricciardo’s struggles at McLaren in the last two races have been exaggerated by the low-grip track surfaces, says his Formula 1 team boss Andreas Seidl.

Ricciardo in "a little bit of shock" after "grim" Q1 exit

A shocked Daniel Ricciardo said he had no proper explanation for finding himself in the "grim" situation of being knocked out in Q1 for Formula 1's Portuguese Grand Prix.

Ricciardo tried new driving style in F1 sim before Portugal

Daniel Ricciardo says a tweak to his driving style that he’s tried out in McLaren’s Formula 1 simulator has helped him unlock more performance at this weekend’s Portuguese Grand Prix.

Seidl backs Ricciardo over F1 social media comments

McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl has backed his driver Daniel Ricciardo’s stance that Formula 1’s social media strategy can do better than just focusing on crashes.

Ricciardo didn't underestimate difficulty of McLaren switch

McLaren Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo says he didn't underestimate the time it would take him to adapt to his new car, vowing to stay patient as he gets up to speed.

McLaren wants extended F1 testing programme in 2022

McLaren Formula 1 team principal Andreas Seidl wants to see an extended pre-season testing programme return in 2022 after this year’s reduced running.

Ricciardo had to "swallow pride" in Imola swap with Norris

Daniel Ricciardo said he had to "swallow his pride" when his McLaren Formula 1 team asked him to move over for teammate Lando Norris in Imola but accepted the call was fair.

How "overwhelming" McLaren move has given Ricciardo a new verve Prime

How "overwhelming" McLaren move has given Ricciardo a new verve

Daniel Ricciardo has found a new lease of life at McLaren – a move that’s been years in the making, as he explains to STUART CODLING…

Ricciardo needs to get rid of "old habits" at McLaren F1

Daniel Ricciardo thinks he needs to get rid of some old habits he picked up from his previous Formula 1 teams if he is to get more from his McLaren.

Ricciardo apologises for F1 'idiots' comment, stands by opinion

McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo has apologised for his "aggressive" language slamming Formula 1's social team, but says his opinion is unchanged on its use of crash footage for promotional purposes.

Ricciardo hopeful of IndyCar, Bathurst runs with McLaren

Daniel Ricciardo reckons there is a good chance of a Bathurst and IndyCar run in the near future, thanks to his switch to the McLaren Formula 1 team.

Ricciardo blasts "idiots" behind F1's social media strategy

Daniel Ricciardo has blasted the "idiots" behind Formula 1's social media strategy in bigging up crashes as part of their bid to attract fan interest.

Norris was "punishing himself" with old F1 driving style

Formula 1 driver Lando Norris believes he was "punishing himself" with his old driving style in the 2021 McLaren, but applied lessons learned from Daniel Ricciardo to shine in the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Ricciardo promised ride in Earnhardt Chevrolet in new podium bet

McLaren Formula 1 CEO Zak Brown has promised his new driver Daniel Ricciardo a run in Dale Earnhardt's 1984 Chevrolet Monte Carlo stock car as a reward for his first podium finish with the team.

Ricciardo: McLaren "worked me pretty hard" over the winter

Daniel Ricciardo says his McLaren Formula 1 team worked him "pretty hard" over the past two months as the Australian got up to speed ahead of his first season with the operation.

Ricciardo confident overtaking won't suffer with McLaren

Daniel Ricciardo is hopeful he will be able to pull off some trademark late-brake overtaking moves in Formula 1 soon, despite having not yet got on top of McLaren's brakes.

Ricciardo: Cooler runs key to figuring out McLaren potential

Daniel Ricciardo wants to wait until he's driven McLaren's new Formula 1 car in cooler conditions before judging how good it is, after suggesting it hasn't felt 'electrifying' so far.

Ricciardo: Sprint F1 races mustn’t devalue victory

Daniel Ricciardo says he is less "scared" of sprint races ruining Formula 1 like reverse grids would do, as long as they don't end up devaluing victories.

Ricciardo at "the limit" for McLaren F1 cockpit
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Ricciardo at "the limit" for McLaren F1 cockpit

Daniel Ricciardo says his wide hips make him on the limit for the width of current Formula 1 cockpits, but says he is all good with this year’s McLaren.

Death of "hero" Earnhardt impacted me hugely - Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo says the death of "hero" Dale Earnhardt Sr impacted him hugely, but that he wanted to use the NASCAR legend's racing approach as inspiration in Formula 1.

Norris already learning from Ricciardo in McLaren F1 simulator
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Norris already learning from Ricciardo in McLaren F1 simulator

Lando Norris has revealed he is already picking up pointers from Daniel Ricciardo on McLaren’s simulator ahead of their first season as Formula 1 teammates.

Ricciardo enjoys ‘smooth’ McLaren F1 Silverstone shakedown

Daniel Ricciardo felt his maiden Formula 1 outing with McLaren went “really smooth” after sampling the MCL35M car for the first time at Silverstone on Tuesday.

Ricciardo: Tattoo bet repeat unlikely with McLaren boss

Daniel Ricciardo believes a repeat of his Renault tattoo bet will be off-limits at McLaren, but has set his sights on a wager surrounding Zak Brown's classic car collection.

The F1 racing statement that Ricciardo should make again Prime

The F1 racing statement that Ricciardo should make again

Daniel Ricciardo is making his second new start in three seasons, as he joins McLaren. His star is on the up again after returning to the podium last year, but he may want to revisit a powerful approach he's previously used to beat Formula 1's best

Ricciardo set for McLaren F1 debut in Silverstone shakedown

Daniel Ricciardo is set to make his first McLaren appearance on Tuesday when the team shakes down the new MCL35M Formula 1 car at Silverstone.

Ricciardo's snug McLaren showcases fine art of the F1 seat fit
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Ricciardo's snug McLaren showcases fine art of the F1 seat fit

In the first 2021 episode of its McLaren Unboxed series, the team has lifted the lid on one of the finer arts of building an F1 car, designing the seat around its new driver Daniel Ricciardo.

Ricciardo's motivating mindset unseen side of his brilliance - Fry

Daniel Ricciardo’s hidden benefit in motivating a Formula 1 team is one of his most striking qualities, says Alpine technical chief Pat Fry.

Why McLaren doesn't want Ricciardo debut to be like his first day

McLaren has one target in mind for Daniel Ricciardo’s first Formula 1 grand prix on board: that team and driver feel like they have been together for years.

Ricciardo: Renault grew out of "timid" F1 team environment

Daniel Ricciardo feels Renault grew out of the "timid" Formula 1 team environment he found upon arriving at Enstone, removing many of the self-doubts it faced.

Ricciardo recalls panic of COVID-19 scare ahead of Russian GP

Outgoing Renault Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo has recalled the "panic" he felt after an inconclusive COVID-19 test result last season, before eventually being cleared as negative.

Ricciardo reveals he's had Bathurst talks

Daniel Ricciardo has dropped another hint about a possible Bathurst 1000 start.

Ricciardo "fulfilled" by Renault F1 turnaround in 2020 season

Daniel Ricciardo felt "fulfilled" by his final Formula 1 appearance for Renault in Abu Dhabi on Sunday, praising the team's turnaround during his two-year spell at Enstone.

Ricciardo: Alonso run shows F1 needs to bring back 'wow factor'

Daniel Ricciardo says Fernando Alonso’s eye-opening run in the Renault R25 this weekend should serve as a reminder that Formula 1 cars need to bring back the ‘wow’ factor.

Ricciardo: We shouldn't have let Perez win Sakhir GP

Daniel Ricciardo says Racing Point's Formula 1 rivals should never have allowed Sergio Perez the freedom to win the Sakhir Grand Prix, after he was last on the opening lap.

Ricciardo: Patience will be key to seizing Sakhir "opportunity"

Renault Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo says that patience will be the key for what many expect to be a chaotic Sakhir GP on Bahrain’s short outer circuit.

Ricciardo to discuss Grosjean crash TV coverage with F1

Daniel Ricciardo will meet with Formula 1 chiefs in Bahrain on Thursday to discuss his unease at the way that endless replays of Romain Grosjean's crash were played on television.

Ricciardo disgusted by "disrespectful" Grosjean replays

Daniel Ricciardo said he was "disgusted" by Formula 1 showing replays of Romain Grosjean's Bahrain Grand Prix accident during the lengthy red flag period, which he said was "completely disrespectful".

Why Ricciardo can take McLaren to the next level Prime

Why Ricciardo can take McLaren to the next level

Daniel Ricciardo is one of the few proven grand prix winners on the current Formula 1 grid. It's been a while since he stood on the top step of the podium, but as he tells Motorsport.com, he knows he can do the job - both for Renault now and McLaren next year