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How local knowledge and data are keys to F1 growth in Asia

As Formula 1 seeks to grow its Asian fanbase, the combination of hard data and local expertise will be key triggers for future growth, says Nielsen Sports, who are working with Sahara Force India partners W66.

Insight: How race promoters benefit from F1’s marketing push

Speaking at a Baku conference on the benefits of hosting major sporting events, F1’s global director for promoter relations Chloe Targett-Adams outlined the new ways in which the sport is working with its race promoters.

Analysis: Assessing Formula 1's financial prospects

Under new owners Liberty Media, Formula 1 has been on something of a spending spree.

Book Review - 'The Mechanic', by Marc Priestley

Marc Priestley has published an account of his years as a mechanic with McLaren, from pranks and revenge with Kimi Raikkonen to an employee’s perspective on the 2007 season, from Spygate to intra-team tensions.

Why F1 going pink in Austin won't be a one-off

COTA has turned pink for the US GP, but the breast cancer awareness push is but the beginning of Formula 1’s efforts to give back to society, Sean Bratches tells Motorsport.com.

Mexico rises from adversity to prepare world-class Grand Prix

In the wake of two devastating earthquakes in September, the 2017 Mexican Grand Prix has become a symbol of national fortitude in the face of adversity, writes Kate Walker.

Analysis: eSports opens the door to wide world of F1 engagement

Slightly late to the party, Formula 1 is beginning to engage with eSports, a new field that opens up opportunities to seek out new fans around the world. Kate Walker talks to market research experts Nielsen Sports about the opportunities.

Analysis: How F1 got its social media game together

This summer, Formula 1 set new heights in social media reach. Kate Walker talks to market research experts Nielsen Sports about where to go from here.

Analysis: Unlocking the secret to growing F1's fanbase

Six months after Liberty Media's Formula 1 takeover, market research has become key. Kate Walker talks to market research experts Nielsen about the state of the sport and how to reach the casual fan.

F1 considering using gamers to trial new rules

Formula 1 is considering a plan to use top gamers to help trial new rules in a virtual world to see what changes actually work.

Analysis: The Mexican GP's 'third album' challenge

After two award-winning events, the organisers of Formula 1's Mexican Grand Prix are relishing the challenge of making it three for three with the 2017 race.

Jean Todt: Safety is a right, not a privilege

To mark the United Nations’ recent Road Safety Week, UN Special Envoy for Road Safety and FIA President Jean Todt granted Motorsport Network an exclusive interview on why the subject is so important to him.

Analysis: Can fan input really change Formula 1?

In an era supposed to be marked by a new focus on fan engagement and improved access to Formula 1, fans are being asked to share their views on the sport. But are the teams and drivers listening?

Why the FIA is lining our roads with star names

Thirteen famous names have joined the FIA in promoting the ‘Golden Rules for Safer Motoring’ in a new Action for Road Safety campaign. Kate Walker reports.

Analysis: Are sponsors back in love with F1?

Force India is in the pink, but McLaren is still seeking a title sponsor. What's the current sponsorship climate like in F1 under the sport's new owners? Kate Walker analyses.

Analysis: The financial implications of Bottas's move to Mercedes

Now that the dominoes have fallen into place at Mercedes, how will Valtteri Bottas' move improve his own fortune and affect those of Felipe Massa and Pascal Wehrlein?

Top Stories of 2016, #2: Liberty Media takes command of F1

Our second biggest story of the 2016 motorsport season is that of US company Liberty Media purchasing a controlling interest in Formula 1, ending years of speculation about the sport's future ownership.

Top Stories of 2016, #13: Massa and Button bow out - for now

Next in our countdown of the biggest motorsport stories of the year is Formula 1 saying goodbye to a pair of popular veterans in Felipe Massa and Jenson Button. At least, for now...

Analysis: The true cost of Rosberg's F1 retirement

Nico Rosberg’s shock decision to retire immediately after becoming F1 world champion comes with one clear cost – the chance to defend his title. But what will the financial consequences be?

Analysis: Putting F1's TV ratings decline in context

Since Formula 1 made the widespread move away from free-to-air television, swapping a large fanbase for a smaller group of paying customers, there has been much hand-wringing over the sport’s declining global fanbase.

Analysis: How F1 has spurned the eSports digital revolution

As eSports moves into the professional sphere, with NBA investment in the USA, is there room for F1 to capitalise on a growing and profitable digital industry? Kate Walker investigates.

Analysis: Turning a Formula 1 GP into a festival

With ever increasing entertainment options available, F1 GPs are having to offer fans more and more to keep up with customer expectations. The CEOs of COTA and Albert Park speak to Motorsport.com about the tricks they have up their sleeves.

Analysis: Why data security is becoming a buzzword in F1

Formula 1's ever-increasing reliance on high-speed data transmission has inevitably led to a growing need by teams to ensure that what they are sending from car to garage, and garage to factory is secure.

Analysis: Could Disney help shake up F1 on TV?

With viewing habits changing and online media on the rise, could Disney's bet on a new subscription model serve as precedent for Formula 1's future?

Analysis: Sport and safety brings the FIA to Africa

FIA President Jean Todt visited Ethiopia this week to push for road safety improvements and the development of African motorsport – starting with karting.

Interview: Why Hamilton thinks he is getting better with age

After turning a 43 points deficit against teammate Nico Rosberg into a 19-point advantage, Lewis Hamilton will return from Formula 1's summer break as many people's favourite for his third consecutive world title.

Analysis: How F1's minnows can boost their balance sheets

For those teams struggling to break even in the fast-paced, fast-spending world of Formula 1, monetising assets outside of the sport itself can be a financial lifeline. Kate Walker explains.

Todt: F1 revolution averted but key challenges remain

The future of the FIA will see the Federation focus on governance and improving existing championships, its president Jean Todt says.

Vettel believes racing must retain danger element

Speaking at the opening of the FIA Sport Conference Week in Turin, Ferrari F1 star Sebastian Vettel spoke out about the fine line between danger and safety in motorsport.

Opinion: Why F1 needs the jeopardy of human error to spice up races

In the pursuit of engineering perfection, it is the man-made mistakes like Red Bull’s in Monaco that continue to ramp up the drama in Formula 1, says Kate Walker.

Analysis: How Mercedes has one-upped rivals in pitlane data-sharing

Mercedes' F1 dominance is not limited to the hybrid power units that long ago proved themselves to be the cream of the 2014 regulations' crop, as Kate Walker explains.

Opinion: Is F1 too fast for bookworms?

Literary fiction should, in theory, be a natural fit for motorsport and Formula 1 in particular, yet F1-themed novels have struggled for mainstream recognition. Kate Walker investigates.

Analysis: The crude effect of oil prices on F1

Recent years have seen Formula 1’s global expansion heavily reliant on oil-rich countries able to afford the sport’s high sanctioning fees. Kate Walker investigates.

Todt speaks out as UN takes action on road safety

FIA president Jean Todt addressed the United Nations’ General Assembly following the body’s approval of a resolution supporting coordinated global action in the fight to improve road safety around the world.

Analysis: Should Formula 1 be plotting a Twitter future?

It was the week that Twitter turned broadcaster, as the news broke that the micro-blogging platform had secured the rights to stream 10 NFL games following a social media bidding war with rivals including Facebook.

Analysis: The F1 rule change that is actually working

The farce surrounding Formula 1’s brief foray into elimination qualifying has dominated the off-track agenda during the start to the season, and overshadowed the two good races we had been treated to.

Analysis: Why F1 should take a page from the NFL's playbook

America's National Football League is streets ahead of Formula 1 when it comes to social media output. Kate Walker asks why F1 persists with its 20th century thinking.

Analysis: Judging the size of F1's illegal fanbase

Stats say Formula 1 audiences have been shrinking to new lows, but is the sport underestimating the share including those who watch on less traditional ways? Kate Walker wonders.

Book Review - The Core: Better Life, Better Performance

Aki Hintsa was a familiar face in the Formula 1 paddock before he stopped travelling in late 2013, the unofficial paddock doctor who treated anyone and everyone in need.

Gerard Neveu: How to keep WEC manufacturers and fans happy

Kate Walker spoke to FIA World Endurance Championship CEO Gerard Neveu about finding the right balance between what manufacturers and fans want out of the burgeoning series going forward.

Analysis: Is F1 still the place for manufacturers to be?

With increasing competition for manufacturer interest from Formula E and WEC, Kate Walker asks whether Formula 1 is still the place for auto-makers to be.

Analysis: Why F1 doesn't have doping scandals

While other sports have become mired in doping scandals, Formula 1 has been drug-free territory for most of its history. Kate Walker explains why.

Analysis: Can Channel 4 make its ad-free F1 coverage work?

Channel 4 has promised ad-free races when it takes over the BBC as the home of Formula 1 in Britain from next year. But given the commercial right fees, Kate Walker wonders if it can make it work.

Analysis: The real cost of PDVSA sponsoring Pastor Maldonado

Lotus Formula 1 driver Pastor Maldonado may enjoy millions of dollars worth of backing from Venezuelan state oil giant PDVSA, but the cost of such largesse is felt keenly by his compatriots back home, as Kate Walker explains.

Analysis: Azerbaijan's plan to make the F1 race pay off

Azerbaijan will be joining the F1 calendar next year but, without any racing culture and very limited availability of tickets, can the new European GP become a success story? Kate Walker investigates.

FIA, United Nations join forces for road safety push

FIA President Jean Todt's goal to improve road safety standards around the world today received a boost with the creation of a High Level Panel for Road Safety in conjunction with the United Nations.

Todt’s road safety campaign: “We have the answers”

FIA President says saving lives on the planet’s roads “is a battle we can win” – but only if people stop to heed his message. Kate Walker reports.

Analysis: The impact of VW 'diesel-gate' on Renault's F1 future

Could the reach of Volkswagen's recent emissions scandal go as far as affecting Renault's F1 programme? Kate Walker investigates.

Analysis: What a long-term deal means for the Australian GP

Melbourne has secured the long-term future of the Australian Grand Prix with a new agreement that expands until 2023. But what does the new deal mean for the future of the event? Kate Walker explains.

Analysis: Why Todt’s call to reduce road deaths should be acted upon

Since taking the helm of the FIA in 2009, Jean Todt has made road safety a high priority for the Federation. And quite rightly so, says Kate Walker.

Analysis: How VW's emissions scandal will impact its F1 future

Could entering F1 be a saving grace for VW following the recent emissions scandal, or will its motorsport programme take a big hit? Kate Walker analyses the possible outcomes of one of the industry's biggest ever scandals.

Analysis: Why the Singapore GP is a success story

While countries like India and Korea have failed to make a success of their Formula 1 grands prix, Singapore is becoming one of the jewels of the crown, argues Kate Walker

Analysis: How F1 is hindering fan growth

When it comes to promotion, Formula 1 subscribes to the Field of Dreams philosophy: “if you build it, they will come”.

Analysis: Why cockpit changes should not be rushed

Justin Wilson's fatal accident has led to calls to act quickly to improve cockpit safety but, as Kate Walker explains, knee-jerk reactions are not the solution.

Analysis: Why we should never watch F1 the same way again

The Formula 1 media landscape is in a period of transition, and it will soon be much different. Kate Walker looks at the challenges the sport will face to regain the audience it has been losing.

Could upsets be on the cards when F1 returns at Spa?

After two unpredictable races at Silverstone and the Hungaroring, Kate Walker thinks there's more scope for upsets than you may think when the Formula 1 season resumes at Spa.

Analysis: Where is F1's next Adrian Newey coming from?

Much is made of the junior single-seater ladder for drivers, but Kate Walker says that more attention should be paid to engineering talent with Formula 1 ambitions.

Analysis: Why F1 is falling short on fan engagement

Formula 1 fans agree: the sport needs to do more to provide more value for money to those willing to invest in a ticket. Kate Walker looks at what can be done to get the fans closer to their heroes.

Analysis: One race in six weeks. Is F1's calendar all wrong?

The absence of the German GP has left Formula 1 with one race in six weeks, a situation that is not beneficial for the sport, as Kate Walker explains.

Analysis: Why Jean Todt prefers to avoid FIA wars

Jean Todt has been at the helm of the FIA for six years now, and his quiet style has received more than a fair share of criticism. Kate Walker analyses the Frenchman's approach to management.