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Lucas Oil racer Morgan isn't crazy, just driven

If there is one thing that drag racers all have in common it's the fact they're never quite happy with the performance of the racecars. Such is the case for Pro Stock veteran Larry Morgan and his Lucas Oil Ford Mustang.

Just a year and a half into a start-from-scratch resurrection of Ford's involvement in the factory hot rod class, Morgan is in position to earn a spot in the Countdown to the Championship playoffs, something no one would have expected this soon. But when you've raced cars for three decades, as Morgan has, any measure of success simply breeds an insatiable desire for more.

"Don't get me wrong," Morgan said. "I'm about as pleased as a guy can be. When I switched to a Ford last year everyone thought ol' Larry had finally lost what was left of his mind. But I knew, and my guys knew, there was something special there. We just had to find it, and we have.

Pro Stock Driver Larry Morgan
Pro Stock Driver Larry Morgan

Photo by: Ted Rossino

"But now we're at a point where we've been to a final round, where we're in the top half of the field in qualifying, where we're just about right there with the top teams. We're in position to win races and when that doesn't happen, you get frustrated.

"So yeah, we're happy, but we're frustrated also. Does that make sense?"

Morgan is just a couple races removed from an incredible run to the final round of the Norwalk, Ohio, event. He's qualified in the top half of the Pro Stock field in three of the last four national events, and he's routinely going rounds on race day. His appetite for success has been stimulated.

"We're looking pretty smart in qualifying; at least most of the time," he said. "It's race day that's been biting us. There's been an issue where we keep blowing the tires right off the car. We'll get that fixed and we're going to win races.

"It's a challenge when you have all these races in a row because there simply is no time to test. If you need to try something, you have to do it in qualifying but I'll tell you it's a real gamble to even give up one qualifying session against the guys in this class. It's so tight right now and we're fighting for a playoff spot."

In the current points standings, Morgan is 31 points, or about one and a half rounds of elimination action, behind fellow Ohioan Ron Krisher for the 10th and final playoff spot. The NHRA will cut the pool of drivers eligible for the 2011 title down to 10 in three races.

"We're really happy to be in the hunt," Morgan said. "We definitely want to be in the show. There are three races to go so it's doable. It all starts this weekend in Seattle, and we'll be ready."

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