Complicated F1 tyre rules should deliver variety, says Key

Formula 1's new tyre choice freedom for teams should throw up some 'interesting' results in 2016, reckons Toro Rosso, even if the complicated rules will be hard for fans to understand.

As part of a move to deliver more variety in F1, teams and Pirelli agreed a tweak to the rules that will allow them to choose which type of compounds they want to bring to races.

Although there has been some criticism that the final regulations are too complex, Toro Rosso technical director James Key thinks that the end result of more varied racing should at least be achieved.

"It will be interesting to see how it works out," said Key, speaking from Toro Rosso's new Faenza factory this week.

"They can be quite complicated, so you guys [the media] will have to work harder to get the message out there.

"But you have always got to be a bit careful that there isn't one optimum solution because everyone will end up at that optimum and it will become normal."

Varied choices

Key thinks that there is enough scope within the choices allowed by Pirelli for teams to take strategic routes based on the characteristics of their cars, as well as the types of track they are going to.

"I think because teams are now free to choose a little bit what they want to do, you can play to the strengths of your car and you can play a bit to the strengths of the circuit you are going to," he said.

"So you can take a few risks maybe. It will certainly add a bit of variety to the season, and actually having three tyre choices at some tracks makes quite a big difference as to how you go through the strategy.

"So I suspect this year at least we will see some interesting results."


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