Honda calls for MotoGP-style testing concessions in WSBK

Honda World Superbike team boss Leon Camier has voiced his support for a MotoGP-style relaxation on testing for the championship’s less successful manufacturers.

Honda calls for MotoGP-style testing concessions in WSBK
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Current WSBK rules restrict all teams to 10 days of private testing across the year, with the exception of a two-day Dorna test taking place immediately prior to the opening round.

MotoGP on the other hand operates a two-tier system, essentially banning testing with race riders outside of official pre-season running, but allowing concession manufacturers – in 2022, only Aprilia – to carry out unlimited testing.

WSBK has also operated a system of concessions since 2018, but these relate only to engine development and adjustable rev limits rather than testing rules.

However, Camier feels that it would be beneficial for the production-based series to grant Honda and BMW, both of which have lagged far behind Kawasaki, Ducati and Yamaha since their respective factory team returns, additional test days to help boost their competitiveness.

“It’s very hard to make good progress in this championship with very constricted rules, and I think giving new manufacturers and new teams coming into the championship a bit more freedom to test would be really beneficial,” said Camier upon the launch of Honda’s 2022 WSBK challenger on Tuesday.

“We will see what happens, if it happens at all, but it’s something that would be helpful for sure.

Iker Lecuona, Team HRC

Iker Lecuona, Team HRC

Photo by: Honda

“We would like to do as much as possible, but the reality is you can’t test every day of the week. And if we had open testing, it would not just be for the sake of riding, it would be when we have specific parts to test and it would be based around what Japan can make.

“There has to be some specific goal to the test, but for sure we would like more testing.”

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Camier also took the opportunity to confirm that Honda will use Showa suspension and Nissin brakes in 2022 after testing comparing the new material with that of their existing suppliers, Ohlins and Brembo, at Jerez last month.

Kawasaki has notably enjoyed success using Showa forks, while Honda is joining BMW in using Nissin products.

“We feel Showa is doing a lot of work behind the scenes to try and improve their product,” said Camier. “It’s won the last six world titles until last year [with Kawasaki], so the quality of Showa is unquestionable.

“Same with Nissin, we feel they’re having a big push behind the scenes and it’s something we want to be involved in.

“We’ve tested everything back-to-back and already the starting point is good, otherwise we wouldn’t have made the change, but we feel the potential is more, basically.”


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