Roborace tests top speed of autonomous race car
Di Grassi keen on F1 demo for Roborace
Roborace drops fully driverless car for first season
Inaugural Roborace season to feature human drivers
Roborace car completes Goodwood hillclimb

The autonomous racing series Roborace is not limited to running alongside Formula E and would be open to demonstrating its driverless car technology alongside Formula 1 and other series.

The driverless racing car initiative Roborace will commence its inaugural season with an upgraded version of its autonomous development car and not the bespoke Robocar revealed last year.

The Roborace series is set to launch in spring 2019 and its races will feature a combination of professional drivers "teaching" autonomous systems, according to CEO Lucas di Grassi.

The Roborace driver-less car has become the first ever fully autonomous race car to officially complete a hillclimb after running at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.