F1 teams given triple exhaust option


Formula 1 teams will have the option of running a triple exhaust layout next season as the result of efforts to make cars louder.

Motorsport.com revealed back at the Monaco Grand Prix that teams have been working on a solution to ramp up the noise following complaints from fans.

The plan was to make it mandatory for there to be two tailpipe exits, rather than the current single one that has resulted in a muffled sound.

The ideas were subsequently approved by all of F1's teams to be put in to the regulations, and were duly ratified by the FIA's recent World Motor Sport Council meeting.

The FIA has now published the specific regulations, which make clear that the exhaust exit from the turbine must be separate from that of the wastegate.

But interestingly, teams will be allowed to run two wastegate tailpipes if they want.

A new article 5.8.2 of F1's Technical Regulations states: "Engine exhaust systems must have only a single turbine tailpipe exit and either one or two wastegate tailpipe exits which must all be rearward facing and through which all exhaust gases must pass.

"All and only the turbine exit exhaust gases must pass through the turbine tailpipe and all and only the wastegate exhaust gases must pass through the wastegate tailpipe(s). None of the tailpipes may be contained within any of the other tailpipes."

The FIA has included regulations to specify where the exit of the exhausts can be on the car, in a bid to prevent the return of blown diffusers.

However, there is an increased likelihood that teams will now look in to ways of trying to help manage airflow from the exhausts on to other aerodynamic devices at the back of the car.

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