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Massa column: I'm ready to stay in F1 in 2018


It might have been a frustrating finish to the Canadian Grand Prix for Felipe Massa, but the Brazilian is still hungry and keen on prolonging his stay in Formula 1.

A Formula 1 race that ends after just three corners is one of those things that you want to forget very quickly.

In Canada, we had the potential for a really good result. Both myself and Williams Martini Racing knew that Montreal would be a circuit that suited our package, and before the race we were very optimistic.

The start itself went well, and I managed to keep hold of my seventh position. But then at the second corner, things were on a knife-edge with Kimi Raikkonen and I was forced off the ideal racing line. My wheels got on to a dirty part of the track and I lost three positions. It wasn't ideal, but I knew the race was still on.

When I get to Turn 3, I just felt a very big bang at the back of the car, and I knew that my race was going to end there. My initial suspicion was that someone had lost their brakes – losing total control of their car because it wasn't one of those classic touches you get during braking. It was a violent blow.

Then I saw Carlos Sainz's car in the barriers. When I asked him later for an explanation, he told me that he had touched wheels with someone else and had lost control of his car. Then, when I saw the television pictures, I realised it was him who had triggered everything.

It was a real shame because I think I could have been fighting until the end with Daniel Ricciardo and the Force Indias. I don't know if I would have been able to beat them all, but I'm sure the potential of our car meant I would have been in that battle until the final lap.

In qualifying, we were faster than the Force Indias and, given Daniel's laptimes which were on soft tyres, I am convinced that we could have been in that fight for third place.

The early end to my race did at least allow me to watch the great race from Lance Stroll, who took his first points in F1. He pulled off a lot of overtaking manoeuvres, confirmed that he has made progress, and in the end delivered a good weekend.

After some difficult times in F1, he needed a breakthrough like this, and I am certain that taking away some points from his home race will allow Lance to continue his rookie F1 season with more confidence.

As the middle of the season draws near, it is inevitable that talk has started shifting to 2018, and I've already started facing questions from the media about my plans for the future – and especially next year.

I feel good, I'm happy doing what I'm doing and I have a great relationship with the whole Williams Martini Racing organisation. Plus, above all that, I know I'm still competitive, which is what matters most.

So on that basis, I would be happy to continue what I have always wanted to do – which is to race in F1.

For now, though, I am just looking ahead to the Baku track, which is another venue where our car could show well. Last year the result were positive, and I think again the circuit will suit our 2017 challenger.

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