Chinese GP Sunday race



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08:53 That's our live coverage for the day. We will be back in Bahrain! Thanks for tuning in.
08:53 Hamilton looks delighted, Rosberg not so much, as they prepare for the podium.
08:53 Vettel hugging it out with his Ferrari mechanics. The German has finished in the points in the last 14 races.
08:53 Final classification:

1. Lewis Hamilton
2. Nico Rosberg
3. Sebastian Vettel
4. Kimi Raikkonen
5. Felipe Massa
6. Valtteri Bottas
7. Romain Grosjean
8. Felipe Nasr
9. Daniel Ricciardo
10. Marcus Ericsson
11. Sergio Perez
12. Fernando Alonso
13. Jenson Button
14. Carlos Sainz
15. Will Stevens
16. Roberto Merhi
08:53 Raikkonen finishes fourth ahead of Massa and Bottas.
08:53 Mercedes returns to the top after losing out to Ferrari in Malaysia, with Hamilton leading Rosberg and Vettel.
08:53 Lewis Hamilton wins the Chinese Grand Prix!
08:53 Safety car in this lap, but no overtaking allowed after they cross the finish line, when the race will be over.
08:53 Surreal scenes as Toro Rosso has to remove the front wing from Verstappen's car so it could fit through the gate into the pitlane.
08:53 Hamilton will win the race unless his car breaks down.
08:53 Final lap.
08:53 Now it's finally out of the way, but there will be no time for the safety car to leave.
08:53 Verstappen's car seems to be stuck.
08:53 We still don't know if the race will finish under the safety car, but it all points towards that.
08:53 Less than two laps to go. Ferrari going for broke?
08:53 Ferrari crew ready for a car in the pits.
08:53 The Toro Rosso is stopped on the straight, and the safety car is out with two laps to go!
08:53 Safety car!
08:53 Verstappen is out of the race!
08:53 Just 1.6 seconds between the two Ferraris.
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