Bathurst S5000: High-speed crash shortens Race 3

James Golding won a third S5000 Tasman Series race at Bathurst shortened by a frightening crash between Joey Mawson and Jordan Boys.

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The pair clashed at close to top speed on the way into The Chase on the opening lap, Mawson clipping Boys' right rear as he stuck his nose up the inside.

That tipped Boys into a high-speed spin, the pair then both bouncing across the middle section of The Chase in front of a number of cars.

While most got through unscathed, Yoshi Katayama was caught out by the dust storm and fired into Boy's stranded car in a second frightening impact.

Thankfully all drivers were able to walk away from the incident, Mawson and Boys left with differing views over who should have yielded.

"From my point of view it looks like he didn't see me," said reigning Gold Star winner Mawson.

"I got a good run, got the slipstream and as soon as I turned in he closed the door. I'm guessing he didn't expect me to come up the inside so late on the straight.

"It was a bit scary from my point of view. I just hope he's okay."

Boys admitted he didn't know Mawson was there but question making the low-percentage move in the first place.

"It wasn't a big impact, thankfully. And these cars are pretty safe," he said when asked by the broadcaster if he was okay.

"But I'm frustrated to give the team so much damage to try and repair.

"[Mawson] probably did get a good tow. He sort of disappeared into a blind spot. But it was pretty late and a pretty fast corner, so probably not clever.

"But it is what it is;. I understand it from his point over view, he's down the back and should be up the front. So he's trying to charge through.

"But it's pretty disappointing to one, get turned around, and two, get cleaned up afterwards. It's pretty frustrating."

When asked to elaborate on the Katayama contact Boys said: "I didn't even see him coming. It was just dust and then a car. I didn't have time to brace for it, but it wasn't a big impact."

The crash led to the race being red flagged, before a three-lap dash that started behind the safety car to mark the third crash-shortened race of the weekend for the open-wheeler category.

Form man James Golding was able to hold off Nathan Herne to take his second win of the weekend, with Aaron Cameron in third.

Luis Leeds kept Roberto Merhi at bay for fourth, while Blake Purdie dived under Race 2 winner Tim Macrow at the last corner on the last lap to nab sixth.


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