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12:36 An amazing day for F1 and Lewis Hamilton. Best race of the season for us!

With that, we'll wrap up our live coverage. Thanks for tuning in!

Join us next weekend for the Mexican GP!
12:36 There's only one happy man on the podium today.
12:36 A very emotional Hamilton is congratulated by Paddy Lowe. Rosberg throws him a hat...
12:36 Vettel has managed to keep second place in the standings thanks to his third place. A disappointed Rosberg is now four points behind.
12:36 Hamilton hugs it out with his mechanics.
12:36 Nasr has scored after... five pitstops!
12:36 Donuts!
12:36 Tenth win of the season for Hamilton, who clinches the title in style and with three races to go.

"I think you've done it, mate. This is it. World champion," Lewis is told.

"How good does that sound? Three-time world champion?"

"Greatest moment of my life," he responds.

12:36 What an incredible race.
12:36 Nasr and Ricciardo complete the point-scoring positions. Alonso and Rossi complete the finishers.
12:36 Verstappen finishes fourth ahead of Perez, Sainz, Button and Maldonado.
12:36 Third title for the Briton, who beats Rosberg and Vettel in the race.
12:36 Lewis Hamilton wins the US Grand Prix and the championship! 
12:36 Vettel right behind Rosberg, but not trying to pass him just yet. 
12:36 Final lap!
12:36 If Vettel overtakes Rosberg, Hamilton will not be champion today.
12:36 Vettel closing on Rosberg. Problems for the German? He's suddenly a second behind the Mercedes.
12:36 Two laps to go.
12:36 There he does. Sainz takes P6 from Button.
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