The Austrian Grand Prix - Race



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10:34 Massa celebrates his first podium of the year.
10:34 Third win of the season for Rosberg, who is now just 10 points behind Hamilton in the standings.
10:34 "Not the result we wanted, but P2, we'll take that," is the message through to Hamilton. He doesn't seem too keen on responding.
10:34 Perez ninth for Force India, while Ricciardo gives Red Bull the final point in its home race.
10:34 "Yeah guys, come on guys," says Rosberg. "Great job" is the response from the wall.
10:34 Bottas in fifth, ahead of Hulkenberg. Maldonado prevails in his fight with Verstappen and takes P7.
10:34 Hamilton in second, ahead of Massa and Vettel.
10:34 Nico Rosberg wins the Austrian Grand Prix!
10:34 Rosberg very slow on the final lap, but will win.
10:34 Vettel will have to settle for fourth. He can't pass Massa.
10:34 Final lap.
10:34 Verstappen not giving up, however, and is now right behind the Lotus!
10:34 "Tyres are completely gone," complains Verstappen.
10:34 Maldonado has passed Verstappen at Turn 1, but Maldonado nearly lost his car on the straight as the Dutchman moved to the right to defend.
10:34 Hamilton is four seconds ahead of a nervous-sounding Rosberg.
10:34 Maldonado and Verstappen made slight contact as they continue to fight for P7. The Toro Rosso is till ahead!
10:34 Nico is complaining about a tyre problem. Calls for Mercedes to have "all eyes on" any potential issues.
10:34 They caught him right in the middle of the final corner.
10:34 They are about to lap Merhi.
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