Malaysian GP Sunday race




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08:33 After the anthems, Vettel receives the spoils of victory. And as he waves the trophy aloft, we will bid you farewell – see you in China.
08:33 The drivers enter the podium area. And here's the winner! Vettel gives his traditional one-fingered salute before the German national anthem plays for his 40th victory in F1.
08:33 Vettel is asked if he is OK for the podium, and he replies: "Very!"
08:33 Hamilton gives Vettel a smile in the green room, and Seb sits down looking emotional.
08:33 He proudly waves the Prancing Horse flag, while Hamilton stomps into the green room looking unhappy.
08:33 Vettel returns to parc ferme after enjoying a long, satisfying slowing-down lap.

Vettel's winning margin was 8.569s.


From the pitwall: “Great drive, well done! Numero Uno’s back! Ferrari’s back!”

From the cockpit: “Whoa, yes!”

08:33 The results:
1) Vettel
2) Hamilton
3) Rosberg
4) Raikkonen
5) Bottas
6) Massa
7) Verstappen
8) Sainz
9) Kvyat
10) Ricciardo
08:33 Vettel wins the Malaysian Grand Prix for Ferrari! The Prancing Horses's first win since Spain 2013. That was a spectacular victory for the four-time world champion, he really deserved it.
08:33 Bottas goes around the outside of Massa at Turn 5 on the last lap. Wow!
08:33 Bottas attacks on the last lap – and they almost touch!
08:33 Huge lock-up from Bottas as he tracks Massa's every move.
08:33 Vettel laps the Red Bulls. That must've felt sweet.
08:33 Usually teams instruct their drivers not to fight in the closing stages of races.
08:33 Now Bottas closes right up on Massa, perhaps we will have a change there too?
08:33 Kvyat goes past Ricciardo, that was odd.
08:33 How Ricciardo's front brakes have held on in this race is amazing, there have been clouds of dust pouring from them from the start.
08:33 The only on-track fights are intra-team, so we're unlikely to see any changes. The Williams and Red Bulls being those who are running close together.
08:33 Vettel leads by 10s with five laps remaining.
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