Bahrain Grand Prix - Race



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09:04 We'll find out when the European season kicks off next month. 

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09:04 Who can stop the Briton after this kind of start to the season?
09:04 Hamilton is now leading the championship by 27 points from Rosberg.
09:04 Toto Wolff confirms Lewis had brake problems too. Another lap and things may have ended differently...
09:04 "Sorry about the brakes, Nico. Happened at the worst time." Seems as if Nico's problems have been explained.
09:04 Alonso 11th for McLaren.
09:04 Grosjean has finished second, ahead of Perez, Kvyat and Massa, who gets the final point.
09:04 "Fantastic job, Kimi," says Kimi. "Thanks everybody," is the Finn's response.
09:04 Ricciardo sixth, but stops right after the finish line with an engine failure!
09:04 "Get in there mate. Well done. Great race," reports Mercedes to their winning driver.
09:04 Raikkonen is second, Rosberg third, Bottas fourth and Vettel fifth.
09:04 Lewis Hamilton wins the Bahrain Grand Prix! 
09:04 Easy final lap for Hamilton, as Raikkonen is over four seconds behind.
09:04 "Caution on the brakes" Lewis is warned.
09:04 He's about to clinch his third win of the season.
09:04 Final lap for Hamilton.
09:04 Costly mistake by Rosberg.
09:04 But the Mercedes driver is not giving up yet.
09:04 Rosberg overshot the first corner and went off. Raikkonen is now second!
09:04 Rosberg goes off!
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