Monza ELMS: Graff's Guibbert beats Lapierre to pole

21-year-old Frenchman Enzo Guibbert of Graff Racing was quickest in the European Le Mans qualifying at Monza after beating Toyota LMP1 man Nicolas Lapierre by a tenth.

Monza ELMS: Graff's Guibbert beats Lapierre to pole
#3 United Autosports, Ligier JS P3 - Nissan:Wayne Boyd
Polesitter #39 GRAFF, Oreca 07 - Gibson: Enzo Guibbert
#39 GRAFF, Oreca 07 - Gibson: Eric Trouillet, Paul Petit, Enzo Guibbert
Press Conference: #55 Spirit of Race, Ferrari F488 GTE: Matt Griffin, #39 GRAFF, Oreca 07 - Gibson: Enzo Guibbert, #3 United Autosports, Ligier JS P3 - Nissan:Wayne Boyd
#3 United Autosports, Ligier JS P3 - Nissan: Mark Patterson, Wayne Boyd, Christian England
Press Conference: #3 United Autosports, Ligier JS P3 - Nissan:Wayne Boyd
#55 Spirit of Race, Ferrari F488 GTE: Duncan Cameron, Matt Griffin, Aaron Scott
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Lapierre, who will tackle the Le Mans 24h with Toyota, led after the early laps.

While improvements were scarce afterwards, Guibbert managed to lower the benchmark by a tenth with his time of 1m36.526s.

The duo held on to first and second respectively, as the #22 G-Drive of Ryo Hirakawa settled for third, the Japanese driver making a mistake on one of his flyers.

The #32 United Autosports car, which won the season opener at Silverstone, was only fourth in the hands of Filipe Albuquerque, followed by Andrea Pizzitola's #25 Algarve Pro Racing entry.

Boyd fastest in LMP3 for United Autosports

Wayne Boyd set the pace in the #3 United Autosports car in LMP3, narrowly taking pole ahead of Yvan Muller's M.Racing squad.

Ricky Capo, who drove for the latter team, was less than half a tenth slower.

Boyd demoted Matthieu Lahaye during the final minute, the former's #17 Ultimate car having to start from third.

The second United Autosports and M.Racing entries, driven by Sean Rayhall and Alexandre Cougnaud, were fourth and fifth respectively.

Spirit of Race Ferrari takes LMGTE pole

The #55 Spirit of Race Ferrari was quickest in the LMGTE qualifying, as Matt Griffin's 1m48.027s was more than two tenths in the clear.

Thus, Griffin and his British teammates Aaron Scott and Duncan Cameron will start the race from the LMGTE pole position.

The #50 Larbre Corvette of Romain Brandela and Christian Philippon improved several times during the session, but had to settle for third.

Matteo Cairoli and Nicki Thiim brought the #77 Proton Porsche and the #90 TF Sport Aston Martin into the top four, which was made up of four different brands.

Qualifying results

 Cla   Nº   Driver   Car / Engine   Time   Delay 
39  Eric Trouillet
Paul Petit
Enzo Guibbert
ORECA/Gibson 1'36.526  
21  Henrik Hedman
Nicolas Lapierre
Benjamin Hanley
ORECA/Gibson 1'36.641 0.115
22  Memo Rojas
Ryo Hirakawa
Leo Roussel
ORECA/Gibson 1'36.751 0.225
32  Will Owen
Hugo de Sadeleer
Ligier/Gibson 1'36.872 0.346
25  Andrea Roda
Matt McMurry
Andréa Pizzitola
Ligier/Gibson 1'37.250 0.724
47  Roberto Lacorte
Andrea Belicchi
Dallara/Gibson 1'37.323 0.797
40  James Allen
Franck Matelli
Richard Bradley
ORECA/Gibson 1'37.336 0.810
34  Nigel Moore
Philip Hanson
Ligier/Gibson 1'37.883 1.357
49  Dennis Andersen
Anders Fjordbach
Dallara/Gibson 1'37.887 1.361
10  28  Patrice Lafargue
Paul Lafargue
Olivier Pla
Ligier/Gibson 1'38.100 1.574
11  23  Fabien Barthez
Timothé Buret
Ligier/Gibson 1'38.247 1.721
12  29  Jan Lammers
Frits van Eerd
Dallara/Gibson 1'38.694 2.168
13  Mark Patterson
Wayne Boyd
Ligier/Nissan 1'45.725 9.199
14  19  Ricky Capo
Erwin Creed
Norma/Nissan 1'45.773 9.247
15  17  J-B.Lahaye
Matthieu Lahaye
François Heriau
Ligier/Nissan 1'46.022 9.496
16  John Falb
Sean Rayhall
Ligier/Nissan 1'46.056 9.530
17  18  A.Cougnaud
Antoine Jung
Romano Ricci
Ligier/Nissan 1'46.180 9.654
18  Antonin Borga
David Droux
Nicolas Schatz
Ligier/Nissan 1'46.193 9.667
19  11  Giorgio Mondini
Davide Uboldi
Ligier/Nissan 1'46.343 9.817
20  10  Davide Roda
Andrés Méndez
Dario Capitanio
Norma/Nissan 1'46.387 9.861
21  16  Eric Debard
Simon Gachet
Theo Bean
Ligier/Nissan 1'46.443 9.917
22  A.Talkanitsa
A.Talkanitsa Jr.
Maurizio Mediani
Ligier/Nissan 1'46.511 9.985
23  15  John Farano
Morten Dons
Alex Kapadia
Ligier/Nissan 1'46.584 10.058
24  Terrence Woodward
Ross Kaiser
Tony Wells
Ligier/Nissan 1'46.603 10.077
25  Vincent Beltoise
Henry Hassid
Lucas Legeret
Ligier/Nissan 1'46.703 10.177
26  13  J.Smiechowski
Martin Hippe
Ligier/Nissan 1'46.746 10.220
27  Tim Müller
Jürgen Krebs
Tristan Viidas
Ligier/Nissan 1'47.005 10.479
28  Alexandre Coigny
Iradj Alexander
Gino Forgione
Ligier/Nissan 1'47.955 11.429
29  55  Duncan Cameron
Matt Griffin
Aaron Scott
Ferrari 1'48.027 11.501
30  12  Andrea Dromedari
Maxime Pialat
Max Hanratty
Ligier/Nissan 1'48.105 11.579
31  50  C.Philippon
Romain Brandela
Fernando Rees
Chevrolet 1'48.293 11.767
32  77  Christian Ried
Joël Camathias
Matteo Cairoli
Porsche 1'48.514 11.988
33  90  Salih Yoluc
Euan Hankey
Nicki Thiim
Aston Martin 1'48.836 12.310
34  51  Gianluca Roda
Giorgio Roda
Andrea Bertolini
Ferrari 1'49.080 12.554
35  66  Robert Smith
Jody Fannin
Jonathan Cocker
Ferrari 1'49.644 13.118
36  99  Andrew Howard
Ross Gunn
Darren Turner
Aston Martin 1'49.833 13.307
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