SUPER GT explains reasoning behind holding 450km races

SUPER GT supremo Masaaki Bandoh says environmental concerns were the chief factor in the championship's decision to hold three 450km races this season.

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Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Japan's top sportscar series has stuck mostly to its regular race distance of 300km, with the exception of last year's traditional Golden Week 500km race at Fuji Speedway in May.

However, in 2022, this event has been cut to 450km, while two other races, the August Fuji round and the second Suzuka race that follows later that month, will also be run over 450km for the first time.

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This is despite the August Fuji race initially being listed on a provisional calendar as returning to its pre-pandemic distance of 500 miles (805km), and talk of holding a longer timed race at either Fuji or Suzuka.

But Bandoh, boss of SUPER GT promoter GTA, says the 450km option was finally chosen in order to encourage better fuel efficiency and tyre longevity, which he sees as a "test" for future seasons.

"Basically, I want to promote a kind of motorsport that takes into consideration the environment and carbon neutrality," Bandoh explained in an interview with's Japanese edition.

"I want to see the tyre makers prioritise making tyres that can last a long time over increasing [peak] grip, and I want to see the manufacturers prioritise fuel efficiency over horsepower. We will test this season to solidify these foundations."


Bandoh added that another goal for SUPER GT to strive for is to reduce the number of tyres being brought to the circuit.

"We need to consider not only reducing the number of tyres produced, but also reusing and recycling tyres," he said. "We need to reduce the number of tyres that are brought to the track even if the race distances are longer. Therefore, we decided to try and test that this year."

Last year, Bandoh revealed that SUPER GT would aim to introduce carbon-neutral fuels as early as the 2023 season following on-track testing this year.

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