Le Mans Live: Non-stop text, photo, and video updates - Part 2

Hello everyone, I'm Nick DeGroot and welcome to Motorsport.com's non-stop coverage of Le Mans! Enjoy the text, photo, and video updates we are utilizing to tell the story of this great race as it unfolds!

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We're Halfway at Le Mans! 12 hours down, 12 hours to go at Le Mans! It's the same story, 10th verse or something like that. The #7 Toyota has a lead north of two minutes on the # Audi. The #35 Oak Racing entry continues to lead the dwindling LMP2 field as the #97 and #95 Aston Martins hold station at the front of their respective GTE classes.

There have been three safety car interventions in this race and 11 retirements.

11:59:00 Kristensen has slowed in the #1 Audi! He is running 3rd but losing a ton of time. The #20 Porsche is bearing down on him.

11:48:00 I'm currently on a 12 hour stint, where's my massage?

11:43:00 The yellow hornet of Milner has established a gap over the red dragon of Vilander now. No nicknames? Okay, I'll stop.

11:41:00 We're nearing the 12 hour mark, haven't had a caution in five hours, yet, the top three in LMP1 are all still on the same lap.

11:35:00 This battle for 2nd place in GTE Pro is fascinating! We still have over 12 hours to go guys!

11:30:00 Corvette vs. Ferrari for 2nd place in GTE Pro! Vilander in the #51 is flashing his lights, trying to distract Milner and force him into a mistake. This is some great stuff!

11:15:00 The #67 IMSA Porsche goes for a harmless spin in one of the Mulsanne Chicanes.

11:13:00 The Team Sofrev #58 Ferrari is now undergoing work in the garage.

11:06:00 Timo brings the #20 Porsche into the pits for another stop.

11:04:30 Yes, it's that point of the race where we start reporting what the teams are eating.

11:04:00 The Audi guys are taking a much less healthier approach to their midnight snacks, compared to Toyota.

11:03:00 They're eating good in the Toyota pits...

Hour Eleven Update Nothing has changed in terms of leaders in the last hour. It's still the #7 Toyota in LMP1, the #35 Oak Racing machine in LMP2, and of course, the Aston Martins that are ruining everyone else's fun with the #97 out front of GTE Pro and the #95 on top in GTE Am.

10:56:00 Well that was quick. The #8 Toyota is back on track.

10:55:00 Threes a charm? Not in this case...the #8 Toyota is wheeled back into its garage stall.

10:50:00 Check out this sunset photo our Eric Gilbert took at Le Mans as the leading #7 Toyota races off into the distance.

#7 Toyota Racing Toyota TS 040 - Hybrid: Alexander Wurz, Stéphane Sarrazin, Kazuki Nakajima
#7 Toyota Racing Toyota TS 040 - Hybrid: Alexander Wurz, Stéphane Sarrazin, Kazuki Nakajima

Photo by: Eric Gilbert

10:44:00 The #75 ProSpeed Porsche in the garage. Both of that team's car have had a rough going this year at Le Mans. Don't even get us started on the #79 saga...

10:43:00 Patrick Dempsey has taken the wheel of the #77 Porsche.

10:42:00 The #2 Audi just lost a lot of time behind a train of GTE cars. it cost him 9 seconds that lap.

10:36:00 The Rebellion is back in the race again, but drops another spot to 7th.

10:32:00 The #12 Rebellion has returned to the garage.

10:30:00 The #7 is padding it's advantage now, leading the closest Audi by a margin north of two minutes.

10:27:00 And that Corvette is back on the attack, harassing Senna's Aston for the GTE Pro lead!

10:22:00 Senna has escaped the clutches of the Corvette in GTE Pro, now two seconds clear of his yellow pursuer.

10:20:00 Can anyone catch this car? Still over 12 hours to go...anything can happen!

#7 Toyota Racing Toyota TS 040 - Hybrid: Alexander Wurz, Stéphane Sarrazin, Kazuki Nakajima
#7 Toyota Racing Toyota TS 040 - Hybrid: Alexander Wurz, Stéphane Sarrazin, Kazuki Nakajima

Photo by: James Holland

10:17:00 After replacing the power steering unit, the #98 Aston Martin returns to the race. They were leading when they had their dramas.

10:16:00 Incredible three-way battle for the lead in GTE Pro! It's Aston vs. Corvette vs. Ferrari!

10:12:00 We've hit double digits in the retirement department. The #60 AF Corse Ferrari joins this list that seems to be growing by one car per hour.

Race Control Talk about adding insult to injury for the #12 Rebellion car...they've been slapped with a stop-and-go penalty for their loose wheel earlier tonight.

10:05:00 Here's video of the #47 KCMG entry crashing for the second time earlier in the day before they retired from the race.

Hour Ten Updates The #7 hasn't lost the top spot for a few hours now, and the Audis haven't been able to cut into its lead at all. The #35 Oak Racing Ligier heads LMP2. The Aston Martins continue to have control over the the two GTE classes, but there's a change of which Aston leads Am. The #98 has gone to the garage, as the #95 moves up to take his place.

9:55:00 And just like that, the #91 Porsche returns to its garage stall.

9:50:00 The #91 Porsche is back in the race after a second trip to the garage.

9:40:00 Trouble on the GTE Am leader! The #98 Aston Martin has been pushed into the garage. The sister Aston (#95) takes over.

9:38:00 Gene finally gets out after a quadruple stint! The man, Tom Kristensen, is now behind the wheel.

9:31:00 Webber has handed the #20 Porsche back over to Bernhard

Race Control The #46 Thiriet by TDS Racing Ligier will have to serve a penalty for speeding on the pit lane. That car is currently running 2nd in the LMP2 class.

9:23:00 Local yellow at the second Mulsanne Chicane but not sure for what. That's the fun part about night time at Le Mans. Even with all this technology, we still miss out on 80% of the details on situations that occur on this 8.5 mile race track.

9:20:00 We are waiting to hear what the deal is with the #26 LMP2 entry...it could become the 10th car to pull out of the race.

9:08:00 Issues for the #91 Team Manthey Porsche...

9:00:00 It's officially Sunday at Le Mans!

Full moon at Le Mans on Wednesday, along with a few red flags
Full moon at Le Mans on Wednesday, along with a few red flags

Photo by: James Holland

Hour Nine Updates I know we sound like a broken record, but it's the #7 Toyota leading the #2 Audi by a very comfortable margin. The #35 Oak Racing Ligier-Nissan maintains control of LMP2, as the #97 and #98 Aston Martins ruin all the fun in GTE Pro and GTE Am.

8:53:00 We have our ninth retirement of the race. That's six prototypes, two GTE cars, and the Nissan ZEOD now.

Race Control The Dempsey Racing Porsche has been hit with a three-minute stop-go penalty for spinning his wheels while in the pit lane...ouch.

8:45:00 Something not-so-good has happened to the 5th place LMP2 car...

8:41:00 The #62 Ferrari has had an off.

Race Control Race control is ordering the #75 Porsche to turn both of its headlights on....that would probably be a good idea.

8:39:00 The #30 Porsche goes off at Arnage with Jani behind the wheel. He's the third Porsche driver to do that.

8:31:00 The #12 Rebellion is back in the race but has lost multiple laps, dropping down to 6th overall.

8:30:00 A cool slow-mo video, capturing the action at Le Mans!

8:25:00 After that loose wheel, the #12 Rebellion was forced to go to the garage, but expect it to rejoin the race and not suffer a fate similar to its sister car...

8:20:00 Update from Toyota on the #8

8:15:00 Wurz has jumped behind the wheel of the leading #7 Toyota, replacing Nakajima.

8:12:10 The #12 has lost a wheel while running 5th overall...waiting to see footage.

8:10:00 A replay shows that the #20 Porsche gone off at Arnage; the same place they went off earlier. Webber is back going again.

8:08:00 The #8 Toyota, which was 9 laps down to begin with, is back up on the stands and in the garage again.

Hour Eight Update Its the same story up front with the #7 Toyota leading the #2 Audi by two minutes. The #35 Oak Racing Ligier-Nissan continues to lead LMP2 as the #97 and #98 Aston Martins hold their ground at the point of the GTE classes.. It's completely dark at the track now.

7:58:00 Now we're hearing that the #47 KCMG has retired after two accidents today.

7:46:00 The #13 Rebellion becomes the seventh retirement of this race. He joins the #3 Audi, #81 AF Corse Ferrari, #41 Greaves Zytek-Nissan, the #37 SMP Racing Oreca-Nissan, #71 AF Corse Ferrari, and the #0 Nissan ZEOD.

7:44:00 The #60 Ferrari has been into the gravel and one of the Astons has gone for a spin at Arnage.

7:40:00 Update from Corvette Racing on what's going on with the #73

7:36:00 The #48 Murphy Oreca-Nissan has stopped at the Porsche Curves

Race Control The #67 IMSA Porsche will be penalized for speeding in the pit lane.

7:28:00 The LMP1 leaders (#7 Toyota and #2 Audi) have pitted for fuel only. Gap has stabilized at just under two minutes.

7:20:00 The #51 Ferrari, driven by Fieschella, moves into the GTE Pro lead.

Race Control #77 Dempsey Racing Porsche's pit stop is being investigated.

7:15:00 The #73 Corvette has spent a lot of time on pit road with the crew working under the hood. The fitting that the air jack attaches to actually snapped!

7:10:00 Darkness has completely blanketed this 8.5 mile race track now.

7:08:00 Gene in the #1 Audi is currently the fastest LMP1 car on the track. Problem is...he's over three minutes behind the leaders

Hour Seven Update The #7 continues to dominate this race, holding a massive two minute lead over the #2 Audi. The #1 Audi runs 3rd at the moment. LMP2 is led by the #35 Oak Racing Liger-Nissan. The Aston Martins control the GTE classes with the #98 leading the professional class and the #98 maintaining control of the Am division. Now, it's time to watch some night racing at Le Mans!

6:57:00 The #97 Aston Martin has passed the #74 Corvette for the GTE Pro lead. Both GTE classes are controlled by Aston Martins now.

6:55:00 Less than two seconds separate the top three in GTE Pro right now!

6:50:00 Audi lost a lot of ground on the Toyota during that safety car period.

6:48:00 The headlights are on as these racers prepare for some night racing at Le Mans!

6L47:00The #66 Ferrari has gone off for the second time.

6:46:00 We're green after 16 minutes under a full-course caution

6:42:00 These two manufacturers currently lead the GTE classes.

#97 Aston Martin Racing Aston Martin Vantage V8: Darren Turner, Stefan Mücke, Bruno Senna
#97 Aston Martin Racing Aston Martin Vantage V8: Darren Turner, Stefan Mücke, Bruno Senna

Photo by: Eric Gilbert

6:32:00 SAFETY CAR The third safety car period of the day is now underway for the #47 KCMG. That's their second major crash during this race.

6:31:00 The leading GTE Am #98 Aston goes for a spin, but quickly gets back going.

6:30:00 The #47 KCMG Oreca has spun and has sheered the front end off on a tire barrier...sitting in a scary spot.

6:14:00 For the second time today, the #79 ProSpeed machine has a flat LR tire.

6:09:00 Mark Webber finally gets a chance behind the wheel of the #20 Porsche.

6:08:00 The #1 Audi moves into 3rd.

6:07:00 The #20 Porsche has gone off and stopped at Arnage. He returned to the pits under his own power but is now off the lead lap.

6:05:00 The #7 is galloping away from the #2 Audi, which has older tires.

To see the live minute-by-minute updates before the sixth hour, CLICK HERE

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