Wolff insists Mercedes will not relax

Toto Wolff says it is far too early to draw any conclusions about how the season will unfold, despite the increased gap between Mercedes and Ferrari in the Spanish Grand Prix.

Mercedes drivers Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton finished a distant one-two in Barcelona, with the Ferrari of Sebastian Vettel over 45 seconds behind the race winner, as the updates from the German squad appeared to work better than its rivals'-

But despite the huge advantage, Wolff insists that the team cannot take anything for granted for the upcoming races.

"We are always sceptical about so-called gaps," he said. "It can turn against you pretty quickly if you don't stay on your toes.

"And this is just what we've done the last couple of weeks, we have not looked left, we have not looked right, we have tried to concentrate on our own job of bringing the updates to the car.

"I must really say it's a really impressive job from the guys on the engine side and the chassis side, and if you manage to do that in a quiet, concentrated, diligent way, then eventually a result is going to come towards you.

"That's why I wouldn't want to be overoptimistic and say that's the way it's going to continue. It's easy to be caught out, we have seen that in Malaysia.

"There is no silver bullet, there is no such thing where you say that is the key bit of the car which makes it more competitive than your enemy. Is is lots of little things put together.

"You could see that the teams were pretty much even in Sector 1 and Sector 2, but we managed to have a really strong car in Sector 3, and that is low-speed mechanical grip, and making the tyres work, and keeping them in the right window.

"Different for every tyre, and I would say if I could pick one single item that's probably having a quick car through Sector 3."

Wolff says the team is now doing a much better job with the 2015 tyres.

"We learned a lot in Malaysia, and we worked a lot on trying to understand. You must imagine there are so many factors contributing into how the tyre performs, so many various parameters, temperatures, pressures, how you work the tyre mechanically, camber, toe, downforce on the tyre.

"And all that then gives you a result. We spent a lot of time in assessing and analysing and trying to understand where our car in this particular season with this particular tyre sits best."

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