Ricciardo says Vettel, Hamilton deserved penalties


A frustrated Daniel Ricciardo believes both Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton should have been penalised during the Mexican Grand Prix.

Race winner Hamilton cut through the first corner at the start of the race after locking up and rejoined the track after avoiding the first chicane with a big lead from teammate Nico Rosberg.

The incident, however, was not investigated by the stewards.

In the closing stages of the race, meanwhile, Ricciardo's teammate Max Verstappen was given a five-second penalty for the same move as he defended from Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel.

Ricciardo admitted he was mystified as to why Hamilton was not penalised.

"To be honest also I didn't understand the start, how you can be leading the race, defend, lock your wheels and go off track, and still stay in the lead," the Australian told Sky.

"I think Lewis deserved a penalty. I think anyone in that position deserves a penalty.

"I saw Max cut the chicane trying to defend Seb, he got a penalty. So I don't know, to be honest, what was that different with his move and Lewis's.

"I don't know, for me if you lock up the brakes and cut the corner, it's a mistake, you have to pay the price."

Vettel incident

The Red Bull driver also believes Vettel deserved a penalty for moving under braking when fighting for fourth place at the end of the race.

Ricciardo and Vettel made contact at Turn 4 when the Australian tried to overtake the Ferrari, but the German emerged ahead.

The Ferrari driver finished fourth on the road but was moved up to third after Verstappen's penalty.

Vettel, however, is under investigation for having moved under braking.

"I felt that Seb did what everyone has been complaining about lately, moving under braking," Ricciardo said. "He's smiling now… I don't know, for me he doesn't deserve to be up there with that move he pulled.

"I saw he defended half way down the straight, I was going to go to the outside, and then it just looked like he opened it so I committed to the inside.

"I thought I had every right to be there, and then he just kept closing the door under braking. I locked the brakes trying to avoid contact, but he just kept closing so in the end I had nowhere to go. I was frustrated with that."

He added: "Don't get me wrong, I love racing, I love racing hard, I love seeing locking brakes and even a bit of contact is fine. But this whole moving under braking, if you're going to defend, you commit early and that's it.

"You don't do it once you've already been outfoxed. I feel like that's what I did today; Seb was there, he moved, I went, I won the chess match if you like.

"And then he's like 'oh, I screwed up, and now I'm going to try and repair my mistake'. For me that's not right."

 Additional reporting by Andrew van Leeuwen

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