Mexico speed bumps "dangerous", says Ocon

Mexico speed bumps "dangerous", says Ocon
Oct 27, 2017, 10:41 AM

Force India’s Esteban Ocon says the new speed bumps placed at Mexico City’s first corner to enforce track limits are “dangerous” and could cause damage to a Formula 1 chassis.

Last year, Lewis Hamilton cut across the grass after running wide at Turn 1 and rejoined in the lead ahead of Nico Rosberg, but did not get penalised.

But when Max Verstappen did the same when defending from Sebastian Vettel, he was handed a penalty post-race. 

This year, the FIA has introduced speed bumps, which are 50mm high, on the left hand kerb between Turns 1 and 2, with a second series of them situated between Turns 2 and 3 and further limits at Turns 7/8 and 11. 

After completing his track walk, Ocon was not impressed with the severity of the bumps. 

“No one wants to go off, but it is a bit harsh,” he said. “It is dangerous. You are going to launch and I think it's not going to stay like this. 

“I think if someone hits that they will have to make a chassis change.”

Ocon, along with Haas driver Romain Grosjean, also said that the way in which the bumps had been laid out meant there was no way for drivers to rejoin without taking to the grass or running over them. 

“There's no way to rejoin,” said Ocon. “We can't rejoin the track so we have to cut the grass.” 

Grosjean added: “Turn 1, there is a slight issue in that you can’t rejoin the track. You don’t want to go there. There is no route bringing you back to the track. That needs to be thought about. 

“There’s another tricky one, which is Turn 7. If you go wide there, you have to come back around an orange bit, it’s pretty narrow. But the rest works.”

Additional reporting by Erwin Jaeggi

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