F1 set for louder engines in 2016


Formula 1's engine manufacturers are working to fast-track a solution to improve the noise of engines for 2016, Motorsport.com can reveal.

As part of an effort to make F1 more exciting in 2017, a series of discussions took place between teams over the Monaco GP weekend to try to edge forward with framing rules that would deliver better cars.

While much of the focus has been on speed improvements, and whether or not the return of refuelling will actually be any better for racing, one issue that has gained consensus is for noise tweaks to come in earlier.

Following a request from the FIA, Motorsport.com understands that all four engine manufacturers are working on a rule that will force them to make changes to the exhaust layouts of their cars for next year to improve the sound.

The plan is to make it mandatory for there to be two tailpipe exits rather than the current single one.

It is believed that this solution will help deliver a better sound for the engine as it will prevent the muffling effect caused by the current turbo wastegate and single exhaust exit.

Sources suggest that one exhaust will be used for the wastegate, while the other will deliver sound straight from the engine to help deliver more sound.

Awaiting approval

The proposal to force engines to run with twin exhausts will need to be sent to F1's Strategy Group for approval.

Should it get the majority support required, then it will need unanimous backing at the F1 Commission later this month prior to a likely ratification at July's FIA World Motor Sport Council meeting.

Renault hopes changes are enough

Although the twin exhaust solution will not bring back the kind of noise F1 experienced during the V8 era, it should at least lift the volume and deliver a more throatier noise.

Renault F1 engine boss Cyril Abiteboul welcomed the plan and said he hoped it would be a step in the right direction for fans.

"Anything that can improve the noise is welcome and I am happy with it," he told Motorsport.com. "I don't want to be negative. I just hope that it is going to be enough."

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