F1 race promoters demand 'urgent' engine rule change


Formula 1 race promoters have written to the FIA calling for an 'urgent' change to the sport's engine rules, Motorsport.com can reveal.

As teams continue discussions on Thursday at a Strategy Group meeting about potentially introducing 1000bhp engines for 2017, a direct request has been sent to motor racing's governing body for it to back a rules overhaul.

Ron Walker, the former Australian Grand Prix CEO and head of the Formula One Promoters' Association (FOPA), says that he has directly requested the FIA acts because he thinks fans do not like the current power units.

"I have written to Jean Todt and told him that the FIA and the technical committee should urgently convene and consider the original proposal to reintroduce 1000bhp V6 twin turbo engines," Walker told Motorsport.com

"The teams are keen to see it happen in 2017 and Formula 1 needs to move in that direction."

Walker believes that the expense and focus on the current turbo V6 engines are not justified, and that fans would prefer a more powerful and cheaper concept

"Why do the majority of fans come and watch Formula 1?," he asked. "It's not to experience new rules each year or to witness new engine development. It's to see and experience the whole show.

"A simple modified V6 twin turbo engine with 1,000 hp (as voted on by the F1 Commission in 2012) is what the fans want; not to see a technology miracle with computer operated engines controlled from overseas and Swiss watch precision."

He added: "Our fans want to see a gladiatorial race between drivers in the world's fastest cars, the best drivers and driving at the limit.

"Formula 1 aficionados can appreciate the masterpieces that these modern V6 turbo engines are. But, for the majority of fans, it's just too complex."

Action must be taken

Walker stepped down from his role as Australian GP chairman earlier this year, but still maintains close links with the circuits and F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone.

He is adamant that F1 must not waste the opportunity to make change now while those within the sport are open to tweaks.

"One thing I have learned building the most successful Formula 1 event in the world over the past 20 years is that you have to give the customers what they want," he said.

"The teams are seeing the need for change and have been very supportive. Of course Bernie has been particularly vocal, but everyone needs to work together to implement the change, and those decisions need to be made now – it's a time for action."

He added: "The sport needs to continually evolve, but it can't adversely affect the show. Everyone understands that action needs to be taken and the time is now."

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