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The Bahrain pre-season test as it happened

Formula 1 pre-season testing will conclude today with the third and final day of the Bahrain test ahead of next weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix.

The Bahrain pre-season test as it happened

By: Tom Howard, Stefan Mackley, Haydn Cobb, Jake Boxall-Legge


  1. Verstappen, Red Bull, 1m31.720, C5, 53 laps
  2. Schumacher, Haas, 1m32.241s, C4, 85*
  3. Leclerc, Ferrari, 1m32.415, C4, 51
  4. Alonso, Alpine, 1m32.698s, C4, 122
  5. Russell, Mercedes, 1m32.759s, C5, 71
  6. Bottas, Alfa Romeo, 1m32.985s, C3, 68
  7. Tsunoda, AlphaTauri, 1m33.002s, C5, 57
  8. Perez, Red Bull, 1m33.105s, C4, 43
  9. Norris, McLaren, 1m33.191s, C2, 90
  10. Vettel, Aston Martin, 1m33.821s, C4, 81
  11. Zhou, Alfa Romeo, 1m33.959s, C4, 82
  12. Gasly, AlphaTauri, 1m34.865s, C4, 91
  13. Sainz, Ferrari, 1m34.905s, C5, 68
  14. Albon, Williams, 1m35.171s, C3, 18
  15. Latifi, Williams, 1m35.634s, C3, 124
  16. Stroll, Aston Martin, 1m36.029s, C3, 53
  17. Hamilton, Mercedes, 1m36.217s, C5, 78
  18. Magnussen, Haas, 1m38.616s, C2, 38
*Given two-hour extra session as part of Haas additional track time for missing Thursday morning.
  • After a spin, Verstappen tops final day of testing with late effort on C5 soft tyres, beating Leclerc's earlier effort on the slightly harder C4 compound
  • Russell beaten to fourth on C5 by Alonso's Alpine on C4 tyres amid difficult test for Mercedes; team-mate Hamilton believes it is currently not in contention for wins
  • Alfa Romeo completes most laps but finishes test early with mechanical problem for Bottas in final hour
  • Perez tops morning session for Red Bull running C4 tyres, with updated sidepods on the RB18
  • Ricciardo misses entire test as COVID diagnosis rules him out at McLaren, Norris completes running solo
Status: Stopped
We'll be back next week for opening practice for the Bahrain GP which starts at 12pm GMT on Friday 18th March. Until then, stay safe and go well!
From the entire Autosport live text commentary team it is a big thank you for following with us across both the Bahrain and Barcelona tests, we'll wrap things up by wishing you all a wonderful evening.
So that's your lot, Schumacher ending the Haas extra running with second place overall thanks to his 1m32.241s, half a second back on Verstappen's overall top time.
The timing screen clock counts down to zero and the red flag is shown - now 2022 F1 pre-season testing really is over.
Now 82 laps in the books today for Schumacher - his last lap though was a high 1m40s, so Haas likely to be looking at long runs as the team's programme comes to a close.
Schumacher has ventured out on track again, we'll update you with his progress.
A Haas tweet says Schumacher's time came on the C4 tyres. He has now returned to the pits. 
The timing screens say that Schumacher has now stopped in the first sector.
Of course, his times aren't truly representative relative to the rest of the field that haven't had a chance to lap in the same conditions. As one observer put it yesterday, Haas is fastest in a session of one. But still, valuable mileage for the team, regardless of the times.
Now 71 laps on the board for Schumacher, who clocks a 1m32.241s that is the second-quickest of the day.
Schumacher heads out again now. He's only done 11 laps since the rest packed up their tools for the day - will now be the time he makes an impression?
Meanwhile, several of the drivers have been speaking after the conclusion of official test running. A chipper Max Verstappen says Red Bull is not at "full beans" yet, which could be ominous for the rest of the field after his table-topping effort today. Here's the full story:
We've not posted much about Haas of late. That's because Schumacher has spent the majority of his time during this extra running in the garage.
Although that near-seven tenths gap to Red Bull looks big, Ferrari can also be quietly pleased. Leclerc's best lap was on the C4, relative to the C5 used by Red Bull, and was set earlier in the day. How much are those two factors worth? We'll have to wait until next week to find out.
Who will be happiest with their day? There's a good case for saying that will be Red Bull given Verstappen's standout laps at the end of the day, which put him alone in the 1m31s bracket. But another with good reason to be pleased will be Alpine, given Alonso managed 122 laps today (second only to Latifi's 124) and ended up third on a C4 tyre that in theory should be slower than the C5 used by Mercedes.
Here's the full report from the final day of F1 2022 pre-season testing, if you missed any of the action:
Schumacher has completed a couple of outlaps but not done any considerable running and is back in the garage now for Haas.