Brazilian Grand Prix Saturday


By: Charles Bradley


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So ends a fascinating day of practice and qualifying, where Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes ruled the roost – but not without incident. And Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari found a new way to put all their hard work in jeopardy!

I bet you didn't think Sergey Sirotkin and a weighbridge would be the main talking points of the day, did you?

Join us again tomorrow for what promises to be a cracking Brazilian Grand Prix from Interlagos.

17:04 And, to wrap up our Saturday coverage, here is Sergey Sirotkin's version of events over his near-miss with Lewis Hamilton in Q2.

Meanwhile, a classy tweet from Indianapolis Motor Speedway...

16:49 When asked why Red Bull went for a soft-tyre run at the end of Q2, to attempt to change their starting tyre, Max Verstappen explained it was "just to see if we could match it or even better it, because it doesn’t really make a massive difference if you start on the soft or the supersoft. Just your start performance, but that’s it."

While we wait for those, here's some insight from Pirelli about tyre strategies tomorrow...

If conditions are warmer for the race, as expected 


ONE-STOPPER: 1 stint on soft for 32-36 laps + 1 stint on medium to the flag 


ONE-STOPPER: 1 stint on supersoft for 25-30 laps + 1 stint on medium to the flag 


TWO-STOPPER: 2 stints on supersoft for 20-22 laps each + 1 stint on soft to the flag. 

If conditions are cooler, similar to Friday 


ONE-STOPPER: 1 stint on supersoft for 27-33 laps + 1 stint on soft to the flag 


ONE-STOPPER: 1 stint on supersoft for 25-30 laps + 1 stint on medium to the flag 


We also have a story incoming on Sergey Sirotkin's reaction to Lewis Hamilton calling his move in Q2 "disrespectful."

SPOILER ALERT – it includes the words "I would disagree"...

Sergey Sirotkin, Williams Racing, in cockpit

Sergey Sirotkin, Williams Racing, in cockpit

Photo by: Glenn Dunbar / LAT Images

16:35 We'll have a full story on that for you shortly.
16:35 Stewards said they found no breach by Vettel in the actual process of weighing his car, as he turned the engine off while on the scales. Their first problem was with him driving on to them (not being pushed), and the second – for which it appears the punishment was given – was for driving off them, which damaged the scales in question.
16:31 The FIA's judgement says: 

"While no one was hurt by the scales being thrown out from behind the car, and while the Stewards accept that the driver did not drive off the scales in a reckless manner, the procedure is established  exactly to prevent damage to the scales or a potentially dangerous situation, which is exactly what was caused."

16:28 That is Vettel's first reprimand of this season.
16:26 BREAKING: Vettel gets a reprimand and EUR25,000 fine – but no grid penalty.
16:25 Hearing there is a verdict on Sebastian Vettel's weighbridge-gate...
16:21 Daniel Ricciardo has revealed his cunning plan to regain places lost due to his 5-place grid penalty: "Uhm... Just take them out, it's probably the easiest."

Here's Pierre Gasly on making to to Q3 today:

"I knew it would be close, I knew that after yesterday we would be fighting around P10, P12, and which actually happened. Was quite a stressful session, exciting at the same time, I think we put ourself in quite a stressful situation by exiting pretty late in Q1 and Q2. But in the end we managed to make it through, which was the most important thing, and we managed to get the best result we could today."

Pierre Gasly, Scuderia Toro Rosso STR13

Pierre Gasly, Scuderia Toro Rosso STR13

Photo by: Andy Hone / LAT Images


From the man himself...

15:33 BREAKING: Now it's Sergey Sirotkin's turn to be called to the stewards for driving too slowly on an in-lap, this time at 15:18.

BREAKING: Here's the full news story on Fernando Alonso returning to contest the Indianapolis 500 next year with McLaren.

Fernando Alonso, Andretti Autosport Honda

Fernando Alonso, Andretti Autosport Honda

Photo by: Walt Kuhn / LAT Images

15:24 BREAKING: Kevin Magnussen has been called before the stewards for driving "unnecessarily slowly" on an in-lap at 15:34 in qualifying.

Meantime, Toro Rosso's Brendon Hartley has been speaking about his tough weekend.

“A lot to do with front lock actually, I've been struggling with that all weekend and it showed itself a bit more in qualifying again. But just connecting the entry and mid-corner balance, but obviously these Formula 1 cars are very complicated."

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