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Wickens' heroic return to glory
Wickens wins first race since crash
The Olympian who races for Hyundai
The changes Wickens has to deal with
Wickens “not just ticking a box”

After adjusting to a new reality from his life-changing accident, Robert Wickens is challenging expectations all over again. Now competing in an IMSA support class, the Canadian is back to winning races and setting the bar even higher on what he feels is possible.

Robert Wickens has won his first race since his career-pausing IndyCar crash at Pocono in 2018, which left him with a devastating spinal injury.

In over 30 years of talking to racing drivers, I’ve suspected that a few of them have suffered a brain injury along the way but, until now, I’ve never heard one openly speak about it. Not one who isn’t retired, at least.

Robert Wickens returns to racing this week for the first time since his life-changing IndyCar crash in 2018. He's had to get used to several changes in his hand-controlled Hyundai tin-top, but the Canadian has the drive and determination to start a Zanardi-style competitive comeback.

Former IndyCar rising star Robert Wickens insists he’s “not just ticking a box" with a racing comeback that begins on Friday more than three years after he suffered life-changing injuries.