Patrick Dempsey: interview

Let's find the interview of Patrick Dempsey, the famous "Grey's Anatomy" Docteur Sheperd , who drove for ht very first time in Le Mans.

The actor was quite nervous but very happy of this experience. He explains how its role of motorsport driver is important in his life. Read the interview.

It was your first time in the Ferrari F430, what are your feelings after a few laps?

I really had a good time behind the wheel.  Being at Le Mans with a Ferrari
is very strong emotionally and it was not easy to sleep yesterday.  I'm
trying to stay relaxed.  I'm here to discover the track and learn. The car
is very good and very easy to drive.  I don't want to make any mistakes.

The morning session was dry so it was perfect to discover the track and take my reference points. I would like to see rain this afternoon as during the 24 Hours of Le Mans you can get all weather conditions. The team is great and very patient which allows me to be comfortable in the car and to improve.

What are the difference between driving the Ferrari and the Mazda RX8 you're used to driving in Grand-Am?

Of course I'm more used to driving the Mazda, but the grip level is better on the Ferrari and the Michelin tyres are fantastic. You also have to get used to the brakes as they are more powerful. I'm working on the feel and breaking points. The team is great and is doing a fantastic job. We need to improve the driver's change and me being more aggressive in 1st and 2nd gear.

What about Le Mans...can we say that a dream is to become true?

Oh yes it is! To race here is no joke. Le Mans has a huge history. It's one of the oldest races in the world and incredible drivers have raced here. When you arrive here, you can feel this history. You can feel proud of driving here. You must respect the track and be consistent in your driving.

And Le Mans Series...would you like to take part in some races....?

Oh certainly. The goal is eventually to get there. I would also love to race at Sebring and Petit Le Mans. I have been racing for the last 5 to 6 years and getting at the top level in the last two. However, I still need to get more experience and to manage traffic. The most important is not to be afraid of making mistakes, otherwise it becomes difficult to learn and you feel uncomfortable.

Acting is your job and Motorsport your passion ... what do they respectively bring to you ...?

For economic reasons it's nice to have a job and also to take care of your family. In fact there are a lot of similarities between acting and motor racing. Both require you to have the ability to exchange information, feedback ... etc to improve your performance. Motorsport is very good for your ego as it forces you to keep your feet on earth by staying humble, courteous and respecting others. I love racing and if I had to choose between winning a Grammy award or the 24 Hours of Le Mans, you can bet it would be Le Mans

We would like to thank Patrick Dempsey for his kindness and time!

-credit: lms