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touring show Panoz Racing Series
Scandinavian Touring Car Championship Michael Shawhan gives a thumbs up after winning Saturday's Race #1
Scandinavian Touring Car Championship Robin Osborne checking out Michael Shawhan's Spec E30 BMW
Scandinavian Touring Car Championship Mike Sekhon
Race winner & USTCC 2013 Champion Brad McClure 1373303604
BTM Motorwerks technician Josh Mabie at work
Scandinavian Touring Car Championship
ADAC GT Masters, Oschersleben 2011-04-24/25 Panoz Racing Series
BMW - 3.0 CSL GROUP 2 Panoz Racing Series
ETCC 2013 Superstars Series
China Touring Car Championship 2012 Round 2 - Zhuhai V8 Euroseries, June 2014, Brno Circuit, CZE
Brad McClure's BTM Motorwerks Porsche ADAC GT Masters, Oschersleben 2011-04-24/25
Panoz Racing Series Brad McClures BTM Motorwerks Porsche
1373303586 Panoz Racing Series
Mike Sekhon, John Butuza & George Tornhill 1373303588
Panoz Racing Series BTM Paddock Hospitality in full swing
ETCC 2013 Superstars Series
Panoz Racing Series Panoz Racing Series
Robin & Michael Shawhan BTM Motorwerks - Set up and ready to race!
Scandinavian Touring Car Championship The BTM Motorwerks e90 BMW on Track and at Speed
1373303596 ADAC GT Masters, Oschersleben 2011-04-24/25
Mike's M3 BMW Working on Mike Sekhon's BMW M3 in the rain
New BTM Pop Up Boomer the Boxer handles crowd control in the BTM Motorwerks Paddock Area
ETCC 2013 ETCC 2013