Tiago Monteiro, the crash | Episode 3: the car saved my life


I realise now the more I talk to doctors the more I look at my exams and the more I read about it. When something happens to you or someone close to your family you have a tendency to understand more about it. The main issue of course I had at the beginning was the concussion in my head with two blood clots. Then of course the clavicle and of course the eyes and the nerves that were squeezed by the blood. Those parts were the ones that could affect my racing. If there was just a little more blood or a bigger tear in my neck I would have been unable to move basically or even worse. I was very lucky. Doctors were confident I was very close to permanent damage or even death. In the end those cars are so strong, the car saved my life to be honest with hardly any chassis movement. Of course there was a lot of destruction but the way the car was built was really resistant. It’s actually your body that cannot sustain so much force. I hit so many things in side and got hurt but nothing came to me or got destroyed to a point that I could get more hurt. Everything did its job to protect me. All in all it could have been much worse. I am here today, I can walk, I can move and in a few of weeks I will be 100 per cent ready to race, with my family at the end of the day is what matters. When it happens to you don’t realise that but after a few weeks you start to think about it and even if you are not happy about the situation, you are frustrated and you want to do more but you have to give time and you have to give it time and work at it step by step and be thankful in the end in a few months we will be laughing about it because there have been a few funny moments but we have to give it some time.

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Duration 02:39
Posted Oct 9, 2017
Series WTCC
Drivers Tiago Monteiro
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