WTCC 2013 yearreview and 2014 plans Tom Coronel, ROAL Motorsport, Chevrolet Cruze and Tom Chilton

Tom Coronel secures 2014 FIA WTCC campaign with ROAL Motorsport Eemnes, 12 December 2013 -- By running a pair of Chevrolet Cruze race cars, ROAL Motorsport and drivers Tom Coronel and Tom Chilton have secured their participation in the 2014 FIA World Touring Car Championship. New regulations will come into force for the world championship next year. Participation with the BMW, with which the Dutchman had so much success in the past years, is no longer possible. British company, RML, is now building a series of Chevrolet Cruze cars according to the new regulations and ROAL Motorsport will run two of these cars in 2014. For this Italian motor racing company owned by ex-BMW driver Roberto Ravaglia and Aldo Preo, it is a big transition because so far, ROAL Motorsport has only been running BMW cars since it was founded in 2001. Partners 41-year old Tom Coronel can't believe how lucky he is. "Everything was aimed at competing in this important touring car series for another year. Gradually, more and more lights switched to green, but I know from past experience that you aren't totally safe like that. Now, I am. And well in advance, unlike in many previous years. I also owe this to the support of my loyal partners, McGregor, TW Steel -- big in oversized watches -, Valvoline and new signings AllSecur car insurance, Amando -- What Men Do. Thanks to all of them, we are able to make this important step." Professional A visibly relieved Coronel continues: "Last weekend, I was able to collect the first prize in the 2013 Sports Trophy at the BMW headquarters in Munich and there, my participation in the 2014 WTCC was a topic of conversation that kept coming up. Although nothing was certain at the time, I had the feeling that things were going the right way. Roberto and Aldo were positive, but from my own experience, I know how difficult making these final decisions can be. With Tom Chilton, I not only have an experienced team-mate, but also a good friend within the team. He also has the necessary experience in driving a Chevrolet. Moreover, I am glad that I can continue working with ROAL Motorsport. They are professional guys who know what they are doing and they prove it every time. It is really great that I can race in touring cars at the highest level for another year. I have been involved in this championship from the very beginning and I am proud to be part of it for another season. I am eager and I am looking forward to it," Coronel says. In 2014, he is also getting support from AkzoNobel stickerfixtm , Equinix, De Wild Multi Print Solutions, Bouwgroep Dijkstra Draisma, Intrax and Super-B. ROAL Motorsport With its 'pair of Toms' (Coronel and Chilton), ROAL Motorsport has signed two successful drivers. This year, the Brit ended up fifth in the championship with a Chevrolet while the Dutchman was classified tenth. Team manager Roberto Ravaglia knew that BMW wouldn't be able to provide him with a suitable car for next year's WTCC and started looking for an alternative, which he found with RML and the newly-built Chevrolet Cruze. Meanwhile, the Italian remains loyal to his traditional brand as he will continue to run a BMW in the GT series. E-mail: tom@tomcoronel.nl Web: http://www.tomcoronel.nl Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tomcoronel Video's: http://www.youtube.com/tomcoronelracing Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/TomCoronelRacing Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TomCoronel App: Tom Coronel
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