Valencia: Post-race quotes

ROUNDS 17 & 18 RACE QUOTES Augusto FARFUS, 1st in Race 1, 5th in Race 2 "I am extremely happy with this weekend and to be in the lead of the championship. I had understeer in both races but I did my job so I am content. I drove as...


Augusto FARFUS, 1st in Race 1, 5th in Race 2
"I am extremely happy with this weekend and to be in the lead of the championship. I had understeer in both races but I did my job so I am content. I drove as cleanly and smoothly as possible in the two races because I was conscious of my tyres. It was not really enough though because the last to laps were tough to drive. Everything went well and I was lucky in the second race because there was a lot of accidents that I managed to keep out of. To be honest I was faster than Menu in Race 2 but Larini was faster than me so when he passed me I tried to catch him but in the end I let him go because he was lapping roughly two hundredths of a second faster than me."

Jörg MÜLLER BMW Team Germany, 6th in Race 1, 1st in Race 2
"Did I expect to be in this position now? After yesterday's qualifying probably yes because my car felt good despite the weight. At the beginning of the season we were struggling with the weight whereas Andy's (Priaulx) car was fine with it from the beginning. Now we have worked hard and the car feels good with weight. You can't make any prediction for Macau and it is worth remembering how many drivers can actually win the championship. There are some SEAT drivers who don't have a lot of weight and I think Rydell especially has experience there. It is near impossible to know what to expect."

Luca RAGONI Proteam Motorsport, 2nd in Race 1, 3rd in Race 2
"In all honesty I expected to do well because the car felt great straight away. We were competitive from free practice 1 and my car seemed to improve as the weekend went on. I dedicate these results to my team and also want to thank Menu for being so fair during our fights in both races."

Duncan HUISMAN BMW Team Italy-Spain, 7th in Race 1, 2nd in Race 2
"It is very nice to be on the podium, especially for BMW Italy-Spain in one of their home races. In Race 1 the car was really good but I struggled in the last few laps therefore I tried to push as hard I could to get a gap. This was also the case in Race 2; I tried to pull away from Jörg (Müller) but I didn't manage to. I could have closed the door on him but I that might have left both of us off. I am here to score as any points for BMW and seeing as I have no hope in the driver championship I didn't want to take any points away from Jörg."

Nicola LARINI Chevrolet, 3rd in Race 1, 4th in Race 2
"It's been a good weekend. Both the races were tough, but the second especially. I got hit by Terting which meant I lost three seconds and contact with the lead group. In Race 2 I was getting bigger and bigger in Rangoni's mirror but couldn't pass him event though my car was getting better and better on each lap."

Dirk MÜLLER BMW Team Germany, 11th in Race 1, 7th in Race 2
"Due to the yellow flag in qualifying I suffered and couldn't do a fast lap which would have given me the possibility to be higher on the grid. Starting from 22nd was a nightmare. I managed to finish 11th in Race 1 because I got a brilliant lap and managed to pass everybody. I have to say that I didn't like the racing that happened. There was lots of pushing and the back of my car is covered with marks. In Race 2 I couldn't shift properly into 5th from lap 2 onwards and that meant it was difficult to compete. I did manage to get 2 points from Race 2 and 22nd to 11th in Race 1 is not too bad!"

Andy PRIAULX BMW Team UK, DNF in Race 1, 8th in Race 2
"Regarding the incident in Race 1, I thought that I had passed Tarquini and turned into the corner. He didn't want to go onto the grass and I don't blame him. He can't blame me for what happened either, it certainly wasn't intentional. I'm on a huge high at the moment from the 2nd race. I was driving my heart out. I scored one point which I think could be a very important one and I don't have too much weight going into Macau. I feel really positive going into Macau now, I feel `racey'!"

Tom CORONEL GR Asia, 14th in Race 1, 13th in Race 2
"Of course it was the goal at the beginning of the year to win the independent trophy so there were many races when I couldn't fight with the works drivers because I had to think of the independent competition. Now I am relieved that I am free to really race. I love Macau. I have had fastest laps, lap records and won races there. I have seen over 20 red flags at Macau but this year I am hoping to see all green ones."

Gabriele TARQUINI SEAT Sport Italia, DNF in Race 1, DNS in Race 2
"In Race 1 Priaulx came in very hard at the first corner. I continued and had a good pace on the next few laps. I caught Coronel and overtook him which meant I had a chance to finish 8th. Then with 2 laps remaining Coronel hit me and I went out. The car was damaged and that's why I hit Rydell on the straight before crashed hard into the wall and the car was simply destroyed. There was no chance of making it for Race 2. I feel so bad."

Rickard RYDELL SEAT Sport Sverige, 23rd in Race 1, 20th in Race 2
"These were not the results I wanted. I suffered from bad luck in qualifying due to the yellow flag coming out. In Race 1 the car was good. I passed a group of cars on the inside but then Gabriele (Tarquini) went into me and my suspension broke on the straight. As a consequence of that the car just wasn't right for Race 2. The only good element from this is that I have little weight for Macau."

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