Oschersleben: Post-race quotes

ROUNDS 13 & 14 RACE QUOTES Alessandro ZANARDI, BMW Team Italy-Spain 8th in Race 1 and 1st in Race 2 "Today my biggest thanks go to my team because last night I was worried that the car wasn't right and they trusted me enough to change things.


Alessandro ZANARDI, BMW Team Italy-Spain 8th in Race 1 and 1st in Race 2
"Today my biggest thanks go to my team because last night I was worried that the car wasn't right and they trusted me enough to change things. After these changes the car felt so different this morning. I had destroyed my previous car in Spa and that meant the team had to build me a new one, so no holidays for them, but now they said they forgive me. It was a close call in Race 1 and I got a bad start because the lights caught me by surprise. I had a good car beneath me and was lucky to pass Farfus on the last lap which meant pole for me in Race 2. In that race I simply focused on the start and then took it turn by turn, lap by lap. It wasn't easy because the pressure was on and it was tough to keep such great drivers behind. I was not surprised when Jorg tried to overtake me because it is in the blood of these drivers to attack. In a way Imola was going to be my dream day but looking back now I am glad it didn't happen because it would have been understandable for people to say `yes but he did it at a circuit he knows very well'. But here I have struggled in the past so it really was a case of something magic happening for me today."

Andy PRIAULX, BMW Team UK 1st in Race 1 and 2nd in Race 2
"It has been an absolutely fantastic weekend for me but what made my weekend special was seeing Alex (Zanardi) win. It's a very technical and complicated circuit and he was under pressure from us, so to drive as he did is sensational. For me, my new car has hit the sweet spot. I knew straight away it was good and it feels like I have last year's car back. It means I can drive confidently and aggressively and hopefully make it count but we will see, there is still a long way to go but I feel positive about the circuits that are left and I will work hard to finish all the races."

Jorg MÜLLER, BMW Team Deutschland 2nd in Race 1 and 3rd in Race 2
"I don't think my race 1 start was that great on my part, instead it looked like all the others were sleeping. Last year I came from 12th to 4th so I knew this was a circuit where there is a lot of action going on and you can overtake. I thought `relax, stay calm and finish in the top three', which I did for both races this weekend. In the second race I didn't want to do anything unfair to Alessandro (Zanardi) and I have to say he made no mistakes. I am happy to be part of one the most memorable races in the history of touring cars, and probably also for disabled sportsmen."

Rickard RYDELL, SEAT Sport 2nd in Race 1 and 7th in Race 2
"t was a positive weekend for us here. We like the track and I'm happy we were able to fight with the BMWs. The SEAT team have done a very good job because it has been a tough job developing the new Leon at the same time as the Toledo. I am looking forward to driving the Leon in Valencia. I think we need a little more testing but this weekend was encouraging, the car has good corner speed and downforce. We need to work on the balance a little bit but it has great potential."

Thomas KLENKE, Ford Hotfiel Sport 10th in Race 1 and 20th in Race 2
"Earlier on in the second race, I had to take avoiding action when driving with a bunch of cars. In doing so, I took a curb harder than I'd normally do. I'm afraid that caused the damage to my tyre or the rim. It's a shame that I didn't have the luck to bring the car home and score our first ever drivers' points."

Adriano DE MICHELI, JAS Motorsport 15th in Race 1 and 18th in Race 2
"I am very happy because I was on the podium among great drivers. I really need to thank the team because with my inexperience it is very important that I have trust with the people I work with. The Honda is a very fast car as we can see from Colciago's pace in Puebla but this is new to me and that makes it difficult. It really is a good result for everyone involved."

Tom CORONEL, GR Asia - 21st in Race 1 and 13th in Race 2
"In the first race I was stupid and made some mistakes. I was running second of the independents and then I braked too late and Hennerici overtook me. The second mistake was the same and I went straight on at a corner so I was nearly last. In the second race I was a little bit lucky because De Micheli and Hennerici had an incident and that meant I could focus on my own pace. I am closing the gap in the trophy fight but there is still a long way to go."

Fabrizio GIOVANARDI, Alfa Romeo Racing 26th in Race 1 and DNF in Race 2
"For Alfa it was not a good weekend and especially for me because I was lying second in the championship and I needed to gain points. However we still have three races left and I think we can come back from this. In Race 1 my rear tyres blew up when Cirò hit me so I was finished there; in the second one I made a good start but unfortunately I touched Rosenblad and that broke my rear suspension. I hope that I have better results in Istanbul."

Alain MENU, Chevrolet - 11th in Race 1 and 8th in Race 2
"I'm happy that I got another point and that makes it two weekends in a row that I have scored which is great. Overall it was good weekend but a bit of a shame that in the first race I lost a couple of places on the last corner or I would have had a better position for the race 2 and maybe a better finish. All in all it is positive."


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