Magny-Cours: Post-race quotes

Andy PRIAULX BMW Team UK, 8th in Race 1, 1st in Race 2 "Things looked pretty ugly in free practice yesterday when I wasn't as fast as I would like, despite the weight. Magny-Cours is a circuit the team and I tend to struggle at but we improved...

Andy PRIAULX BMW Team UK, 8th in Race 1, 1st in Race 2

"Things looked pretty ugly in free practice yesterday when I wasn't as fast as I would like, despite the weight. Magny-Cours is a circuit the team and I tend to struggle at but we improved throughout the weekend and after Race 1 I used the reverse grid to help me. When I was fighting for 7th with Thompson in Race 1 it would have been nice to steal the extra point because my starts are good anyway and starting second would have been fine. But if I had pushed too hard I could have lost everything. If you'd told me `8th and a win last weekend I would have said, `yes, I'll take that.'. I am really looking forward to racing at Brands Hatch. Many of the big names in this championship have raced there before so it is going to be great for the spectators. The WTCC is growing from strength to strength and I am pleased to be a part of it right now."

Dirk MÜLLER BMW Team Germany, 1st in Race 1, DNF in Race 2

"There were some parts of my car that were affected by the crash in Monza and I wasn't happy about it so my team worked really hard last night and luckily everything felt good in warm-up this morning. I don't know how I did it but the start of the first race went perfectly. I then just followed Jörg and tried to study where I was faster. It was very equal and all of a sudden I had an opportunity to overtake and to win the first race which was perfect for me. As for Race 2, having two unavoidable non-finishes in two events is not good. I was coming into corner three and I had Rydell and Terting in front of me then they came together so Rydell was sideways in front of me. At this point I had to lift and as I did I got a big bang from behind, I got turned around and that's it, end of story."

Jörg MÜLLER BMW Team Germany, 2nd in Race 1, 2nd in Race 2

"To win the WTCC you don't need to win races you just need points in every race. I wasn't happy with my car in Monza so the team has changed it over the past weeks. This weekend I was so positive, I thought no-one could get me. However in Race 1 the car started to over-steer, or perhaps I was over-driving and Dirk caught up with me and overtook. There is no sense in kicking each other off in the second event of the championship; there are 8 more events to go! It's been a great weekend, no win but 16 points are very good."

Rickard RYDELL - SEAT Sport Sverige, 3rd in Race 1, DNF in Race 2

"We proved in qualifying we were on the pace but it was a little bit more difficult in the race. In Race 2 I was pushed from behind in turn 2 and suddenly I was sideways. I guess the television will show who it was. Very disappointing not to finish the 2nd race - not a perfect weekend."

Jordi GENÉ - SEAT Sport España, 5th in Race 1, 3rd in Race 2

"I'm happy in the sense that this year SEAT has so many drivers it is important to obtain points for the team in every race which we did. I'm not particularly happy with my results. I got good starts and my car was good at the beginning of the races but the set-up wasn't right and I struggled. The car was on it's limits in Race 2 and Jörg was waiting for me to make a mistake which I did. Then I concentrated on getting the points. We have to be clever and use our heads and this is what I tried to do today."

Yvan MULLER - SEAT Sport France, 13th in Race 1, 7th in Race 2

"I'm not happy compared with what I was hoping before I came here but it could have been worse. I don't have anything to say about Terting overtaking me and denying me an extra point. He was quick, he overtook me and that's it."

Tom CORONEL GR Asia, 10th in Race 1, 16th in Race 2

"I was really enjoying my fight with Rangoni and I think he did too. The race was tougher than I expected because in the free practice and qualifying I was as fast as some of the works drivers. For some reason after two or three laps I had understeer and lost a lot of speed which meant Rangoni caught up with me and we were making slight contact before he passed me. He then out-braked himself and I passed him; this happened three times so it was a really great race."

Stefano D'ASTE Proteam Motorsport, 18th in Race 1, 10th in Race 2

"I was able to be up in 5th place at the end of lap 1 because I got a brilliant start and the big accident that happened in the first corner helped me to overtake some cars. My team told me to keep pushing because I was in a good position for the independents trophy so I focused on winning that."

Augusto FARFUS, 21st in Race 1, 12th in Race 2

"This weekend was tough. First of all I was suffering with the ballast I am carrying. Secondly, Magny-Cours is not a good circuit for our cars. These type of corners just don't suit it and there was not much we could do."


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