Magny-Cours: Post-race quotes

ROUNDS 3 & 4 RACE QUOTES Jörg MÜLLER, BMW Team Deutschland 1st in Race 1 and 1st in Race 2 "When we tested in March we discovered a great setup which is particularly effective here at Magny-Cours. I had an old set of tyres in the first race ...

ROUNDS 3 & 4

Jörg MÜLLER, BMW Team Deutschland 1st in Race 1 and 1st in Race 2
"When we tested in March we discovered a great setup which is particularly effective here at Magny-Cours. I had an old set of tyres in the first race and managed to keep the others behind me, so I was sure that with a new set of tyres in the second I could do even better. In the first race I took a good start and managed to pull away, leaving the fighting to the others. The second race was much harder for me because I had to overtake, and overtaking means taking risks. It is only the fourth race of the Championship so it is much too early to be making speculations about the final outcome. All I can say is that I look forward to the next race, although it will be difficult with the extra weight."

Dirk MÜLLER, BMW Team Deutschland 6th in Race 1 and 2nd in Race 2
"The weight that I was carrying here made it very difficult, it felt like I was driving a little truck. It was important for me to adjust my driving here but we found a good setup and that helped a great deal. I feel totally satisfied with both the races. At the end of the second race I don't really know what happened, it felt a little light at the rear but it didn't appear to be a problem so I crossed the line. Then I lost control of the rear, braked very hard and spun."

Andy PRIAULX, BMW Team UK 2nd in Race 1 and 3rd in Race 2
"We have had some work to do this season, we need to make the big step up in winning races. We have learned a lot this weekend and will be working hard to do well at Silverstone. It's a long Championship made especially tough with the reverse grid and ballast. The competition was very hard but very fair today and I think that we will all see some fantastic racing if this standard continues."

Antonio GARCÍA, BMW Team Italy-Spain 5th in Race 1 and 4th in Race 2
"I have mixed feelings. I'm happy for my championship position, but not really with the result of the second race. I could have finished second if I had managed to overtake Dirk. We had a great fight, struggling against the extra weight. Then Jörg came and overtook us very easily. I desperately tried to get past Dirk, but I flat-spotted my front tyres and this enabled Priaulx to steal the third position from me."

Rickard RYDELL, SEAT Sport 3rd in Race 1, 11th in Race 2
"I am satisfied with third in Race 1, but to be honest we were expecting more for this meeting. It is clear that BMW have the advantage and we need to look into the difference in performance. In the second race I was caught in a pack with lot of cars changing positions which prevented me from fighting for another podium place."

Marc HENNERICI, Wiechers-Sport 13th in Race 1 and 16th in Race 2
"I really felt that it would be possible for me to reach the top ten this weekend but during qualifying we had a technical problem. The first race was amazing, I didn't think it was going to be possible to overtake Rosenblad on the penultimate lap but I left my braking so late that I had no other option but to pass him. In the second race I had a good start. I overtook Giovanardi but he pushed me into the barriers."

Tom CORONEL, GR Asia 23rd in Race 1 and DSQ in Race 2
"It was unbelievable what SEAT achieved to repair my car after what happened in the warm up. It was like they working in `fast forward' mode, everything was done so quickly. In the first race however I had big engine problems so thought it best to change my car because there was nothing to loose. I'm very happy with that decision, it was a good car."

Mauro SIPSZ, Alfa Romeo Racing Team principal
"It was a negative weekend for us. We expected we had to struggle, because this has always been a difficult track for our cars. However, BMW supremacy today was disarming. We could not keep their pace, not even of the cars with the handicap weight on board. This is a fantastic championship and it shouldn't be spoiled by the domination of a single manufacturer. It needs balanced performances, but the regulations are too much in favour of the rear-wheel drive. Six manufacturers are involved, and the five running front-wheel drive cars are not competitive."

Eric NÈVE, Motorsport Manager of Chevrolet Europe
"Today's races showed that we have to continue to improve our form. For the time being we're stuck in the second half of the field, where the driving ethics are very poor. Today this cost us a second car in two race weekends. Alain (Menu) wasn't able to start in today's second race, physically as well as technically, which deprived us of a lot of valuable data for the Lacetti's further development. Fortunately, Nicola's (Larini) and Rob's (Huff) races showed us that we are working in the right direction and that a top ten finish might be closer than we initially expected."

Eberhard BRAUN, German motorsport manager of Ford TeamRS
"We saw that our development work on the rear suspension really paid off here. The fact that we were suffering from understeer was mainly caused by the very hot track temperatures. All the front wheel drive cars had to do with a certain amount of understeer today. The massive improvement in lap times from Race 1 to Race 2 showed that we are working in the right direction. We just need time and kilometres to fully understand the car and the requirements of the championship format, and to make full use of the car's potential."


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