James Nash Heading to Africa

James Nash

James Nash, Ford Focus S2000 TC, Team Aon
James Nash, Ford Focus S2000 TC, Team Aon

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Reigning British Touring Car Championship Independent Champion driver James Nash will head this coming weekend to Marrakech in Morocco for the next two races in this year’s FIA World Touring Car Championship (WTCC). Milton Keynes-based Nash will be racing on the African continent for the very first time in his career and is greatly looking forward to the experience.

The Marrakech track is a street circuit and one twenty-six year old Nash hopes will suit his Team Aon Ford Focus. Unfortunately, Nash’s car will still be carrying the 30kg weight penalty imposed on both his car and that of his teammate Tom Chilton until some parts on them have been redesigned, made and fitted.”

James Nash: “It has been a bit frustrating so far this season. To date we’ve had to carry a lot of extra ballast and it has held us back from where we should be. Particularly so in qualifying, even taking into account the fact that the Ford Focus is brand new and we’re only at the very early stage of its development.”

“In the WTCC unless you can qualify in the top ten you can almost write your weekend off before a racing wheel has turned. The competition is that tight towards the front. Nevertheless, we have been making some real progress with the Ford Focus but you’d be forgiven for thinking we hadn’t when we’re qualifying P14 or P15 and finishing races 12th.”

“The team has been working very hard and we have now made the new parts that would allow us to remove the extra ballast. Unfortunately Marrakech has come around a bit too soon and we haven’t yet been able to track test them. It is essentially for reasons of safety therefore that we’re not going to use the new parts this coming weekend, a decision made by the team that I fully respect. We should though be able to test after Marrakech so all being well we will have a lighter race car for the next event.”

“Marrakech is a street track too which are always fun. Street tracks have a habit of throwing up one or two surprise results, probably because nobody can test there beforehand and I hope that I can be one of the surprises. Qualifying in the top ten would be a good start and will be my primary aim.”

Both Saturday afternoon qualifying and Sunday’s races will be shown ‘live’ on television on British Eurosport. Alternatively, on-line viewers can also catch the action ‘live’ at www.eurosportplayer.co.uk

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