Brands Hatch: Chevrolet Sunday report

The Cruzes Reinforced As Championship Leaders After One-Two In Brands Muller And Huff Dominate Race 1, more points in race 2, Menu and Bueno unlucky BRANDS HATCH, 18th July 2010 - Chevrolet kept faithful to its tradition of success in ...

The Cruzes Reinforced As Championship Leaders After One-Two In Brands

Muller And Huff Dominate Race 1, more points in race 2, Menu and Bueno unlucky

BRANDS HATCH, 18th July 2010 - Chevrolet kept faithful to its tradition of success in Brands Hatch, by taking a win in the Kent circuit for the fifth consecutive year. Yvan Muller and Rob Huff dominated Race 1, claiming a brilliant one-two and the third win of the season. Most importantly, today's excellent results allow Muller and the Cruzes to reinforce their respective leading positions in the Drivers' and Manufacturers' standings of the WTCC.

Muller and Huff completed the successful day for the team in its home event by taking 5th and 6th in Race 2, increasing the points' harvest. Alain Menu was 7th in Race 1 and was shining in Race 2 when his race was ruined by a contact with Farfus, as the Swiss was overtaking the BMW for second position. Brazilian stock-car ace Carlos `Caca' Bueno, at the wheel of the fourth Cruze, had and even unluckier day, as he had to retire with a car on fire in Race 1. Unfortunately, damage was too serious to allow him to take part in Race 2, shortening his WTCC debut.


Yvan Muller (1st/5th): "It's a very positive week-end, the entire team has done a great job, we had an excellent car and we can go away from Brands with a great result. In Race 1, our main focus was to avoid excessive tyre consumption and stay away from trouble, so we drove fast but with a conservative approach regarding the tyres. Race 2 was a little bit boring, but we managed to score some good points. I had a scary moment towards the end, just after the re-start: I said to myself `let's try to catch Coronel and gain one position', but I must have pushed a little bit too hard, going wide and off-track in a corner. Luckily I did not lose the car and could regain the track without losing any position".

Rob Huff (2nd/6th): "I am very pleased with the result, it's another good day for the team and we did what we needed to do to defend the leadership in both championships. Race 1 was quite easy, with Yvan and myself starting from row one. We took control of the race and tried to preserve the tyres as much as possible, but we still had plenty left in case we had been attacked. It was nice to be again on the podium in my home race. In Race 2, it was again Yvan and me together for the entire race, we managed to gain a couple of positions and take good points. I now look very much forward to Brno, a circuit which I like a lot and where we should do well again".

Alain Menu (7th/NC): "Unfortunately, this time victory at Brands Hatch was not possible for me. The car was going well in Race 1 but at the end I could not keep the pace of the front-runners. Still, I was well-placed for Race 2, and was getting closer to the BMWs. Then, Priaulx and I took the inside at Druids to pass Farfus, but he closed the door abruptly and contact was unavoidable. Something got bent in my steering and I had to stop in the pits for repairs. Eventually, I could take the track again, but my race was of course over".

Carlos `Caca' Bueno (Ret/DNS): "I have clearly mixed feelings about how things went: on one hand, I am very happy of having had this opportunity and impressed with the level of competiveness and professionalism of the championship and the Chevrolet team. On the other hand, I am frustrated that I had to retire in Race 1 and could not take the start in Race 2. What happened is that one of the fixations of the engine broke, cutting some electrical wires and the fuel pipe, which led to the car catching fire. The boys did an amazing job in trying to repair the car for Race 2, but it just wasn't possible. It's a real pity, because the car was going really well. After the problems encountered in qualifying, we managed to have the right set-up for the race and in the initial laps, I was really in the same pace of my rivals and only 4 tenths off the other Cruzes. Then, I started hearing a noise and having some vibrations in the gearbox, which were the first signs of the engine mounting problem. Still, I am very happy with this experience and would love to be again part of the WTCC in the near future".

Eric Nève: "It was a superb racing week-end, with a big crowd, good weather, a lot of friends around and exciting racing, but most of all, it is a perfect result for Chevrolet, with another one-two and many points. What really matters is that we have strengthened our lead in both championships. I was a little bit concerned about this tight program of 4 races in 6 weeks, which clearly represents the crucial part of the season, but we are now ¾ through it, and still leading, so I feel quite optimistic about Brno and the rest of the season".

-source: chevrolet

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