Anderstorp: Series race two report

RACE 2: RYDELL LEADS CHEVY 1-2-3 Rickard Rydell's choice to run on slick tyres saw him coming from ninth on the grid to first on the podium.His win came in the final corners after he tussled and overtook his team mates Nicola Larini and Alain...


Rickard Rydell's choice to run on slick tyres saw him coming from ninth on the grid to first on the podium.His win came in the final corners after he tussled and overtook his team mates Nicola Larini and Alain Menu who had been leading the race from the line. They both suffered problems with their wet tyres wearing out on the drying track and finished second (Larini) and third (Menu) behind Rydell. This is the second time this season Chevrolet has finished 1-2-3, after the first race in Porto three weeks ago.

Off the line it was Gabriele Tarquini who got the best start but his SEAT Sport team-mate Jordi Gené stalled. Yvan Muller was running on slicks and almost immediately was overtaken by Tom Coronel of GR Asia who achieved a commendable fourth; the best SEAT finisher. The Frenchman was then overtaken by Robert Huff. Muller's race came to an end when he was battling with Andy Priaulx on lap seven, went off the track and then retired in the pits again with power-steering problems. Andy Priaulx too suffered as he dropped a couple of positions and eventually finished 13th.

James Thompson and Huff had a riveting fight for fifth place during lap three, four and five. The countrymen jostled many times before Thompson broke away in the Alfa Romeo 156 to finish fifth. Huff came home 11th overall.

By lap six the track had nearly dried up and the drivers on slick tyres began pushing through the field. Tarquini dropped from third place on lap six to finish seventh overall. His team-mate Monteiro was on slicks and claimed sixth.

Despite finishing eighth, Robert Dahlgren and his Volvo S60 were not eligible for points and therefore 9th placed Augusto Farfus took one, making him the only BMW to score this weekend. All six BMW works drivers (Priaulx, Farfus, Müller, Zanardi, Porteiro and Ekblom) had started the race on slicks. Jörg Müller is still leading the championship one point ahead of Farfus and two points ahead of Priaulx.

Roberto Colciago also started on slicks which helped him to recover in the final part of the race, overtaking Stefano D'Aste and Luca Rangoni and taking victory in the Independents' Trophy for SEAT Sport Italia.


Robert HUFF

"Yesterday I asked for conditions in between wet and dry and I got them! I had a great start. I think Tiago (Monteiro) was defending against Nicola (Larini) and so I managed to pull away and got quite a gap over the first few laps. At one point I was six or seven seconds ahead. When the track dried out I had no grip and really struggled, the light rain in the final couple of laps helped a lot. I knew I would need the tyres to be in good condition at the end so I tried not to over-drive. The last three corners were the most difficult as Tiago was very fast behind me."

Rickard RYDELL

"For me to go on slicks was the right choice because I managed to stay with those on dry tyres and in the end that's what won the race. It is thanks to Eurosport and Chevrolet that I've been able to take part in my home race and for that I am grateful. I really hope to be back in the WTCC because it is a great championship."


"You always want more than second place but this is my best result so far and it was a great race for everyone. We made the decision to use wet tyres but on a dry set-up which really worked at the end as I caught Rob up. I wanted the race to be a few laps longer. At the beginning I had no grip or rhythm and I could see lots of lights in my mirror. I had to maintain my pace as best as possible and wait until the track dried to be able to chase the blue car in front."


"No, I don't regret my tyre choice. I didn't expect to have to fight and use all my grip at the end of the race. The next race will be hard for us and I don't think it will be easy for me to maintain my championship position so I will look forward to Brands Hatch."


"That was a thoroughly enjoyable race. A good charge from the back is always very fulfilling. Today patience was the key as I looked after my tyres and sneaked up through the field later in the race. The straight was immensely slippery and visibility was poor. My old engineer was surprised that I'd gone with the majority to opt for wet tyres because usually if there is a gamble to be had I take it. However, being sensible worked for me today and it proves there is life in our old car yet."

Alain MENU

"I'm very pleased that, after qualifying 16th, I have come away with an 8th and 3rd place. I realised on the warm-up lap that I'd made the wrong tyre choice and we should have been on slicks. It's great that we are catching SEAT in the Manufacturers' Championship but we are here to win the game and the game is to have a driver as world champion."


"The team and I knew such conditions are the most difficult for the BMW cars so the only way we could give ourselves a chance was to go for slicks. The win was important because I have come from three consecutive negative weekends."


"I'm happy to have won this race for me and the team. The car was better in the wet but in the second race it became dry very quickly, therefore it was certainly the right choice to go out on slicks."

-credit: wtcc

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