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Chronological WRC photos :

Carlos Sainz Nicky Grist presents Stéphane Prévot, François Duval's co-driver with the Inmarsat Star of the Rally
Carlos Sainz celebrates win François Duval
Colin McRae Gilles Panizzi
Markko Martin Toni Gardemeister
Tommi Makinen Carlos Sainz, Guy Fréquelin and Marc Marti celebrate win
Carlos Sainz celebrates win Richard Burns
Marcus Gronholm Richard Burns
Richard Burns Gilles Panizzi
Marcus Gronholm Tommi Makinen in the Subaru service area
Tommi Makinen Markko Martin
Tommi Makinen checks his tires
François Duval Richard Burns
The podium: third place François Duval and Stéphane Prévot
Freddy Loix
Carlos Sainz Carlos Sainz
Carlos Sainz Carlos Sainz and Claude Satinet celebrate win
The podium: Carlos Sainz and Marc Marti celebrate win The podium: Carlos Sainz, Marc Marti and the whole team celebrate win
Marcus Gronholm Marcus Gronholm and Michel Nandan
Richard Burns and his new engineer Christian Deltombe Richard Burns
The podium: Richard Burns Tommi Makinen and Kai Lindstrom have tea with friends from Pirelli
Marcus Gronholm on a Peugeot scooter
Richard Burns Skoda Team launch the new Skoda Fabia WRC: Roman Meliska, Vladimir Sulc, Peter Kohoutek, Pavel Janeba, Didier Auriol, Denis Giraudet, Toni Gardemeister, Paavo Lukander
Marcus Gronholm
Gilles Panizzi