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DOMINANT 1ST & 3RD FOR 555 SUBARU Tour de Corse - Leg 2 - 5 May, 17:34 -0100 Today's second Leg of the 42nd Tour de Corse has seen a change in the weather conditions but the drier mountain roads have still caused much ...

DOMINANT 1ST & 3RD FOR 555 SUBARU Tour de Corse - Leg 2 - 5 May, 17:34 -0100 Today's second Leg of the 42nd Tour de Corse has seen a change in the weather conditions but the drier mountain roads have still caused much consternation for the competitors and tyre manufacturers. However the 555 Subaru World Rally Team crews have maintained their advantage with Colin McRae and Nicky Grist leading the field and Piero Liatti and Fabrizia Pons finishing third overnight in the Subaru Impreza 555 World Rally Cars. The British crewing of McRae and Grist made their mark on the opening two stages, setting fastest times on both and extending their lead to forty seconds after just eight competitive sections. "I don't really know why we're that much quicker," said an upbeat Colin, "although our suspension is a bit softer so this may account for some of it. For sure we're pushing hard, although we're not taking any risks, but the damper conditions suited us this morning. It'll be interesting to see how everyone goes as it dries out more." As the day progressed conditions became predictably drier but McRae continued to push hard and set fastest time on the longest section of the rally (SS11/31.91 km) to go into the penultimate stage with a healthy thirty-nine second advantage over Carlos Sainz. "One stage in the middle of the day was narrower with much more slippery asphalt than this morning but we have fared well in the drier conditions. I'm pretty confident that the advantage we have is good, but you just never know in an event like Corsica because absolutely anything can happen to anyone. In an ideal world I'd be happier if tomorrow was wetter and the stages were damp, the same as they were on the first day, but our gap is healthy and more importantly the others don't seem to be catching us, even on the drier roads. We'll have to wait and see what tomorrow brings but I feel very happy at the moment," concluded the Scot. With just under three seconds being all that separated team-mates Piero Liatti and Fabrizia Pons from Francois Delecour, the Italians started the day on a charge and moved up to second position within one stage, taking eight seconds off the Frenchman. Despite impressive stage times Piero's concentration wavered as the softer settings on the Subaru Impreza 555 for dry conditions caused more body roll and movement at the back end of the car. "We have changed the settings a couple of times today but I don't feel as happy with the car as I did last night; I don't feel as confident with it because it is moving around a lot more," he said. As the crews left for the final competitive section of the day, conditions on this twenty-six kilometre stage were inconsistent with localised rain a marked contrast to the damp and drier asphalt on other sections of the stage. Both 555 Subarus went out on treaded dry weather tyres and capitalised on their choice with Liatti setting fastest time and Colin only one second adrift, both nearly ten seconds faster than any of their rivals as heavy rain fell at the end of the stage. "It was definitely the right choice of tyre and we have consolidated our position," concluded McRae. The third and final Leg of the Tour de Corse starts at 07:00 hrs (local) on Wednesday, 7 May for the concluding six stages, all of which are a repetition of Leg 1 where the 555 Subaru World Rally Team took command on the Corsican roads. Colin McRae overnights with a controlling forty-seven second advantage over Carlos Sainz and, with Piero Liatti a mere five seconds adrift of the Spaniard, the 555 Subaru World Rally Team are confident of a dominant one-two on the 42nd Tour de Corse. Tour de Corse - Leg 2 Results

DRIVER CAR TOTAL TIME DIFF STAGES WON 1 Colin McRae Subaru Impreza 555 WRC98 1,=5,7,8,11 2 Carlos Sainz Toyota Corolla World Rally Car 47.1 3,9,10 3 Piero Liatti Subaru Impreza 555 WRC98 51.8 4,=5,6,12 4 Francois Delecour Peugeot 306 Maxi (F2) 1.17.6 5 Didier Auriol Toyota Corolla World Rally Car 1.30.9 6 Bruno Thiry Ford Escort World Rally Car 1.35.9 2 7 Gilles Panizzi Peugeot 306 Maxi (F2) 1.41.5 8 Philippe Bugalski Citroen Xsara Kit Car (F2) 2.45.6 9 Juha Kankkunen Ford Escort World Rally Car 3.54.4 10 Fabien Doenlen Citroen Xsara Kit Car (F2) 4.07.6

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