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BACKGROUND INFORMATION World Rally Championship: Round 6 - Corsica - 1 May, 0:29 -0100 FIA WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP 42nd Tour de Corse, Round 6 4 - 6 May...


World Rally Championship: Round 6 - Corsica - 1 May, 0:29 -0100 FIA WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP 42nd Tour de Corse, Round 6 4 - 6 May 1998 Information Stage Surface Tarmac Event distance 1,544.87 km Competitive distance 399.18 km Competitive Stages / Legs 18 / 3 Base Ajaccio Time difference GMT +1hr ABOUT CORSICA * The island of Corsica is located off the south coast of France, close to Italy. It is governed by France and the language is French. * Although politically a part of France, Corsica has had close ties with Italy. * Corsica has an area of 8,680 sq km. With the exception of the east coastal plain of Aleria, it is characterised by rugged hills and mountains. * The island is divided into two sections; Haute-Corse and Corse-du-Sud, and the total population is approximately 250,000. * The capital of Corsica is Ajaccio, the base for the rally. * Corsica is a popular tourist resort for Europeans - sandy beaches, watersports and mountain walking being its main attractions. TERRAIN AND CLIMATE * The rally takes place on the demanding mountain roads, although some of the stages take the competitors onto the coastal plains. * The narrow tarmac roads are fast, undulating and very twisty on the coast roads. * Spring sunshine and cool mornings will greet the rally, however there is the omnipresent chance of rain. This, coupled with low cloud, can make the roads very slippery and treacherous. THE DRIVERS LIKE... * The warm Mediterranean climate and spectacular scenery. * The local seafood. * In particular, Piero enjoys the driving technique required to excel in Corsica. ...AND DISLIKE * The element of danger in Corsica. * The unpredictable weather conditions up in the mountains. 1998 FIA WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS TABLE AFTER ROUND 4 (Portugal) 1st Carlos Sainz 22 points 2nd Juha Kankkunen 16 points 3rd Richard Burns 15 points 4th Colin McRae 14 points 5th Tommi Makinen 10 points 7th Piero Liatti 4 points MANUFACTURERS' CHAMPIONSHIP 1st Mitsubishi 25 points 1st Toyota 25 points 3rd Ford 23 points 4th Subaru 21 points ABOUT THE 1998 TOUR DE CORSE * The Tour de Corse is run over an all-asphalt surface and is a cloverleaf event. * The rally is based in the capital, Ajaccio. * It is divided into three Legs of equal length. Days one and three cover exactly the same route. * Corsica is probably one of the most physically demanding events on the World Championship calendar. Relentless corners place enormous strain on drivers, cars and tyres. * The rally has two 'nicknames' - The Rally of 10,000 Corners or The Last Great Road Race. * The Tour de Corse is almost certainly the most dangerous rally in the world. More often than not, low stone walls are all that separate the drivers from tipping off the edge of the mountain side! * The rally was first run in 1956, when it was won by an all-female crew of Thirion/Ferrier in a Renault Dauphine. It originally ran in November, but moved to the Spring in 1981 to better fit in with the World Championship calendar. Running in November it was notoriously wet and autumn leaves lined the roads making conditions even trickier.

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Drivers Tommi Makinen , Colin McRae , Carlos Sainz , Richard Burns , Juha Kankkunen , Piero Liatti