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1999 Safari Rally Kenya Official Site: http://www.safarirally.co.ke Unofficial Site: http://www.thesafarirally.com/ Round 3 of the 1999 FIA World Rally Championship 25-28 February 1999 Section Details Unlike most WRC events, there are no ...

1999 Safari Rally Kenya Official Site: http://www.safarirally.co.ke Unofficial Site: http://www.thesafarirally.com/ Round 3 of the 1999 FIA World Rally Championship 25-28 February 1999

Section Details

Unlike most WRC events, there are no 'special stages' in the Safari. The stages are referred to Competitive Sections and can be up to 10 times the length of special stages. Also with a competitive distance of 1,317km it is over 3 time longer in total that other WRC events. There other major difference between the competitive sections and special stages is that the sections are run entirely on public roads.

- The total distance of the course is approx. 3,082 kms. - There are 2 super-competitive and 12 competitive sections - no special stages. - The total distance of the competitive sections is approx. 1,317 kms. - There are 7 sectors. - 3 Legs. - Competitive sections are all gravel.

LEG 1 - Nairobi-Nairobi (783,04 km) Thursday 25, February 14:30 Start from Nairobi CS 1 Super Competitive 1 2,42 km 16:00 End the first section of Leg1 in Nairobi

LEG 1 (2nd section) Friday 26, February 09:00 Start the second section of Leg1 from Nairobi CS 2 Isinya - Orien 116,83 km CS 3 Olooloitikosh - Kajiado 49,06 km CS 4 Hunters Lookout - Timbuctoo 72,56 km CS 5 Lenkili - Il Bisel 113,41 km 20:00 Arrival in Nairobi

LEG 2 - Nairobi-Nairobi (1460,01 km) Saturday 27, February 04:00Start from Nairobi CS 6 Marigat - Gari Ya Moshi 129,11 km CS 7 Elmenteita - Olenguruone 89,13 km CS 8 Nyaru - Eldarama Ravine 87,59 km CS 9 Morendat - Mbaruk 81,40 km CS 10 Marigat - Gari Ya Moshi 129,11 km 20:45 Arrival in Nairobi

LEG 3 - Nairobi-Nairobi (619,27 km) Sunday 28, February 05:00 Start from Nairobi CS 11 Lenkili - Il Bisel 113,41 km CS 12 Isinya - Orien 116,83 km CS 13 Olooloitikosh - Kajiado 49,06 km CS 14 Super Competitive 2 2,42 km 14:20 Finish the rally in Nairobi

Commentry on the sections is provided by Jabbal: http://www.thesafarirally.com/

CS 1 & CS 14 Jamhuri Park SS1 1st 15.00 - 15.01hr Time=1 Min Kms 2.42 Ave speed 145.20kmh 2nd 28/2/99 1400-14.01hr Time=1 Min Kms 2.42 Ave speed 145.20kmh Cars race side by side two at a time along a twisty specially made gravel circuit in a forest glade.Soil is black cotton soil which if wet can be extremely slippery.A prologue of what is to come.

26/2/99 CS 2 & CS 12 Isinya - Orien 10.24 - 11.10hr Time= 46 Min Kms 112.40 Ave speed 147kmh 2nd 28/2/99 9.35-10.23hr Time=48 Min Kms 112.40 Ave speed 140.kmh This section was cancelled last year due to washed away roads. Starts pretty smooth passing through a quarry. Then along some twisty tight roads (like Australia But rougher!!) Finally emerging on to plains through some scenic dry river drifts.A long tough section to catch the unwary out.Note slowerAVe speed 2nd time around due to a cars being more fatigued.

CS 3 & CS 13 Olooloitikosh(jackies Junction) - Kajiado 12.10 - 12.31hr Time= 21 Min Kms 49.06 Ave speed 140kmh 2nd 28/2/99 11.23 - 11.44hr Time=21 Min Kms 49.06 Ave speed 140.kmh Part of this stage is new and rejoins the 98 Corner Baridi-Kajiado section after about 14kms. The new section is fairly unused and is rough and twisty with ditches and ruts. The remainder is a run up to the radio mast high up on the hills and then the descent into Kajiado town.It is a fairly straight forward section compared to the others and the shortest in the Rally.

-CS 4 Hunters Lookout to Timbuctoo 14.06 -14.40Hr Time= 34 Min Kms 72.56 Ave speed 128kmh A very loose and rough begining with very deep rocky river crossings. Kenneth Ericksson hit a rock at 130kph in the 97 Safari in this section. It then soomthens out into fast twisty roads crossing a large sandy river and finally into a rutted rough last 10kms to the end. An extremely tough section in with a bit of evrything to test the drivers and cars.

-CS 5 & CS 11 Lenkili to Ill Bisel 15.59 - 16.53Hr Time= 54 Min Kms 113.41 Ave speed 126kmh 2nd 28/2/99 7.43 - 8.35hr Time=52 Min Kms 149.06 Ave speed 130.1kmh The sting in the tail for the day..... The first half ofthis section is new and is a dash over narrow dusty roads with blind ditches and diverstions.After crossing a scenic sandy dry river it traverses onto a wide road, comparitively before treking back on the sandy river through some really tight twisty narrow tracks with ditches back to the final service of the day. The sun will be in their eyes here for over 40kms!!! This is the third longest stage of the event. Day 3 1st section, with a faster ave speed because will be "fresh" after the day end service.


CS 7 Elmenteita to Olenguruone 7.33 - 8.14 Time= 41 Min Kms 89.13 Ave speed 130kmh This starts of as a fairly stright road for about 6kms and then it starts to climb from 5000ft to appx 9000ft to the top of the South Western wall of the great Rift valley, the notoriuos Mau Narok escarpment. It then travels along drops and rises in the escarpment through narrow sometimes heavily ruttted roads through the Wheat and Barley growing areas of Kenya for most part of the section.Finally ending in a new section of 13kms of "tractor rutts" in bad mud holes to the end.The cars wiill be "suffering" in the high altitude for long periods.

CS 8 Nyaru to Eldema Ravine 10.35 - 11.29 Time= 54 Min Kms 87.59 Ave speed 97Kmh Definately the most scenic part ofthe rally and the most twisty reflected in the slowest average speed of all. The stage is centerd along the end of the Cherangani hills themselves the western part of the Rift and connect to the Mau as they go Southwards.This time its a descent from 9000ft along 11 absolute hairpins on narrow roads enough to make you dizzy!! With spectacular views of the Tugen Hills and the farm lands below.After passing through a naroow 200m strech of road with steep drops on both sides the road naroows through dense forests and tight bends to end with some very dusty roads with drops.

CS 9 Morendat to Mbaruk 13.42 - 14.19 Time= 37 Min Kms 81.40 Ave speed 132Kmh For the penultimate section of the day, part of the 1998 route has been used in addtion to smooth "closed road" rallying for about 40kms on private ranch lands. Starts off through some really rocky and rough stuff with trecherous ruts and then onto the ranch roads with tight turns through narrow gates and blind hairpins a real navigators nightmare. This afternoon stage should see tiredness creeping in before the final stage.

CS 10 Marigat to Gari La Moshi 2nd: 15.54 - 16.50 Time= 56min Kms 129.11 Ave speed 138Kmh 99 Safari's longest section is a mix of two from last year and starts of with a dash over some dry river crossings and some of the most remotest areas of Kenya along the bottom of the Liakipia escarpment the eastern wall of the great rift valley. It then turns upwards before the sisals farm of Mogotio, and goes along the escarpment before coming down through the sisal farms again into the end.The route is a mixture of rocky rough into smooth fairly fast parts then the rutted and ditchy farms roads to the end. Mcrae, Tommi and Liatti's grave yard in 1998.


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