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28th Rally of New Zealand. Official Site: http://www.rallynz.org.nz/index.htm Unofficial Site: http://www.sportsweb.co.nz/rally98/ ----------------------------------------------------------- ** Photos from the shakedown today (Thurs) are now ...

28th Rally of New Zealand. Official Site: http://www.rallynz.org.nz/index.htm Unofficial Site: http://www.sportsweb.co.nz/rally98/ -----------------------------------------------------------

** Photos from the shakedown today (Thurs) are now available at: http://www.sportsweb.co.nz/rally98/shake1998.html


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LEG 1 -MANUKAU-MANUKAU (Total 222,63km) Friday 24 July

18:15 Start from Manukau SS1 Manukau Super Special 1 2,10 km

2nd day of LEG 1 -MANUKAU-MANUKAU (Total 613,12km) Saturday 25 July

09.25 Start from Manukau SS2 West 1 - Maramarua 6,26 km SS3 Fyfe 1 - Maramarua 6,81 km SS4 West 2 - Maramarua 6,26 km SS5 Fyfe 2 - Maramarua 6,81 km SS6 Quarry 1 - Maramarua 8,88 km SS7 Quarry 2 - Maramarua 8,88 km SS8 Manukau Super Special 2 2,10 km 16:30 Arrival in Manukau

LEG 2 - MANUKAU-MANUKAU (Total 613,12km) Sunday 26 July

09:25 Start from Manukau SS9 Waipu Gorge 1 11,24 km SS10 Brooks 1 16,15 km SS11 Paparoa Station 1 11,66 km SS12 Ararua 31,95 km SS13 Cassidy 20,06 km SS14 Parahi 24,00 km SS15 Sterling 3,80 km SS16 Waipu Gorge 2 11,24 km SS17 Brooks 2 16,15 km SS18 Paparoa Station 2 11,66 km 21:05 Arrival in Manukau

LEG 3 MANUKAU-MANUKAU (Total 633,06km) Monday 27 July

05:00 Start from Manukau SS19 Te Koraha 1 47,43 km SS20 Te Koraha 2 47,43 km SS21 Pekanui 16,50 km SS22 Bridal Vell 23,48 km SS23 Mangatawhiri 6,63 km SS24 Whaanga Coast 8,88 km SS25 Te Hutewal 11,39 km 19:00 Final of the rally in Manukau


Reference Sites and further information:

1998 FIA World Rally Championship coverage

FIA: http://www.fia.com/ WRC Infosystem: http://www.travelnet.fi/wrc/ Rallysport.com: http://www.rallysport.com Rally Network: http://homepage.idx.com.au/rallynet/

FIA World Rally Championship Teams

555 Subaru World Rally Team (media only) http://www.speedmedia.com Team Toyota Europe http://www.tte.de Mitsubishi Ralliart http://www.mitsubishi-motors.co.jp/motorsports/ Ford Motorsport http://www.ford.com/motorsport/3-8rally.html Peugot Sport http://www.peugeot.com/hub_peugeot/english/index.html Seat Sport http://seat-sport.seat.es/RelacionesExt/ENG/SSP/

FIA World Rally Championship Events

Rd 1: Monte Carlo Rallye Rd 2: The International Swedish Rally http://www.swerally.se/ Rd 3: 555 Safari Rally Kenya http://www.kenyaweb.com/safarirally/ Rd 4: TAP Rallye de Portugal http://www.tap-rallyedeportugal.pt/iindex.html Rd 5: Rallye Catalunya http://www.racc.es/rallye/rallye.htm Rd 6: Tour de Corse http://www.sitec.fr/asacc/ Rd 7: Rally Cordoba Argentina http://www.cordoba.com.ar/rallyarg/home_en.htm Rd 8: Acropolis Rally http://www.acropolisrally.gr/ Rd 9: Smokefree Rally of New Zealand http://www.rallynz.org.nz/ Rd 10: Neste Rally Finland http://www.akkry.fi/nesterallyfinland Rd 11: Rally Indonesia http://www.rallyindo.com/ - cancelled Rd 12: Rallye Sanremo http://rally.sanremo.it/ Rd 13: API Rally Australia http://www.rallyaustralia.com.au Rd 14: Network Q RAC Rally http://www.rac-rally.co.uk/

Other Championships

British Rally Championship http://www.motorsport.co.uk Australian Rally Championship http://www.rallysport.aust.com/ Fantasy Rally Challenge http://www.excaliber-net.com/fantasyrally/


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