Ascania Racing Rally Finland Event Summary

Jyväskylä, Finland

Mentos Ascania Racing reached the finish line in Finland

Neste Oil Rally Finland is over successfully– two Ukrainian crews from Mentos Ascania Racing reached the finish line. Valeriy Gorban and Vadim Chernega rose up to the 7th place, Alexey Kikireshko and Sergey Larens got the 8th line and won theirs first scores in PWRC ranking.

This day section included 140 km of SS and it was the longest section of the rally. But for Ukrainian rally team Saturday race was not so dramatic as yesterday one. Two Mentos Ascania Racing crews reached the finish without technical problems. But lot of PWRC drivers left the race during today section: only 9 from 16 crews reached the finish. Mentos Ascania Racing couldn’t make a strong competition to fastest European drivers at Neste Oil Rally Finland. But this rally with its fastest 314 rally kilometers in the world brought the incredible experience for Ukrainian pilots.

When the speed is so high, you should care about all details.


"The biggest problem for us was the very specific manner of pace notes writing and analyzing, - said Vadim Chernega . – Here you should write down the turns and any meter of the distance very carefully and drive it with high accuracy. When the speed is so high, you should care about all details. And that was difficult for us, so we lost lot of time today."

"Unfortunately I left the race because of crush, - said Aleksandr Saliuk . – That’s why it is difficult for me to say whether this road too fast for us or not. I can say only one thing: If I just could to start this race one more I did it immediately and got the finish." We are glad to inform that Pavel Cherepin left the hospital and spent this day with the team.

by: Mentos Ascania Racing

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