Ascania Racing Rally Finland Leg 2 Summary

Jyväskylä, Finland

Friday for Mentos Ascania Racing – lost and found

Neste Oil Rally Finland showed its harsh nature today – one of the Mentos Ascania Racing drivers, Aleksandr Saliuk, crashed at the SS4. The pass through the SS was stopped due to this hard accident, Saliuk’s co-driver Pavel Cherepin was transported to the hospital where he stays till tomorrow for additional medical tests. Luckily, Saliuk didn’t hurt. All team members and Ukrainian rally fans wish Pavel all the good. Mentos Ascania Racing is very appreciating to the services and spectators for their help and attention.

Despite of the dramatic beginning Friday’s section brought good result for Mentos Ascania Racing in PWRC ranking: Valery Gorban – Vadim Chernega got the 10th place and that was the best result among Ukrainian drivers, Aleksey Kikireshko – Sergey Larens became the 12th. They are going to fight through tomorrow section till the finish line. But today Ukrainian crews faced several difficulties of Neste Oil Rally Finland – adaptation to the tight race schedule without an additional service brake and to the specific configuration of the SS’s . “The road surface is very hard and it hits the wheels sometime, - said Aleksandr Ptashnik, chief mechanic. – But we hadn’t have big problems so we could trust our cars today and hope to do the same tomorrow.”

I can hardly imagine how fast the car could be here.

Aleksey Kikireshko

The rally road itself became the most serious competitor for our crews: with its high speed and incredible jumps. “I can hardly imagine how fast the car could be here, - said Kikireshko. – But we are a new crew and this is my first PWRC race with Sergey Larens. So we are just longing to reach the finish and to learn more a bout this fantastic road”.

On Saturday Mentos Ascania Racing is going to pass the last part of the Neste Oil Rally Finland – 140 km in 11 SS.

by: Mentos Ascania Racing

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