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(The number in parenthesis is the order on the road for the first part of the rally) Number Driver/Co Driver G Manufacturer 1 (4) Didier Auriol A Toyota Celica GT Four Bernard Occelli 2 (1) Juha ...

(The number in parenthesis is the order on the road for the first part of the rally)

Number Driver/Co Driver G Manufacturer

1 (4) Didier Auriol A Toyota Celica GT Four Bernard Occelli 2 (1) Juha Kankkunen A Toyota Celica GT Four Nicky Grist 3 (7) Armin Schwarz A Toyota Celica GT Four Klaus Wicha 4 (5) Colin McRae A Subaru Impreza 555 Derek Ringer 5 (2) Carlos Sainz A Subaru Impreza 555 Luiz Moya 6 (8) Richard Burns A Subaru Impreza 555 Robert Reid 7 (3) Francois Delecour A Ford Escort RS Cosworth Catherine Francois 8 (6) Bruno Thiry A Ford Escort RS Cosworth Stephane Prevot 9 (9) Alessandro Fiorio A Ford Escort RS Cosworth Vittorio Brambilla 10 (10) Isolde Holderied N Mitsubishi Lancer EV2 Tina Thorner 11 (11) Jorge Recalde N Mitsubishi Lancer EV2 Martin Christie 12 (12) Rui Madeira N Mitsubishi Lancer EV2 Nuno Silva 14 (13) Fernando Peres A Ford Escort RS Cosworth Ricardo Caldeira 15 (14) Gregoire de Mevius A/F2 Nissan Sunny GTI Jean Fortin 16 (15) Marcus Gronholm A Toyota Celica GT Four Voito Silander 17 (16) Erwin Weber A/F2 Seat Ibiza GTi Manfred Hiemer 18 (17) Jose' Carlos Macedo A/F2 Renault Clio Maxi Miguel Borges 19 (18) Pavel Sibera A/F2 Skoda Felicia Petr Gross 20 (19) Moahmed Bin-Sulayyyem N Toyota Celica GT Four Ronan Morgan 21 (20) Philippe Comandona N Ford Escort RS Cosworth Georges Crausaz 22 (21) Emil Triner A/F2 Skoda Felicia Pavel Stanc 23 (22) Ivar Raidam N Ford Escort RS Cosworth Margus Karjane 24 (23) Eddie Mercier N Renault Clio Williams J. Michel Veret 25 (24) Jorge Bica A Lancia HF Integrale Joao Sena 26 (25) Carlos Carvalho A Mitsubishi Galant VR4 Jose' Alves 27 (26) Freddy Loix A Opel Astra GSi Svem Smeets 28 (27) Jose' Miguel A Ford Escort RS Cosworth Carlos Magalha~es 29 (28) Paulo Meireles A VW Golf Rallye G60 Anto'nio Abreu 30 (29) Pedro Azeredo A/F2 Renault Clio Maxi Fernando Prata 31 (30) Lui's Pimentel A Mitsubishi Galant VR4 Filipe Fernandes

Due to the new regulations the rallye this years has only 3 days. But these will be 3 well filled days :-). This is good, because we will have some nocturn stages. The last few years the organization has minimized the number of nocturn stages, to reduce the number of spectators.

This year the Rallye is centered on Figueira da Foz. Figueira da Foz is a coast city in the center of Portugal. Years ago there was a stage in "Serra da Boa Viagem" which is near Figueira. I don't think it is used this year since the rally doesn't have tar stages.

The rallye starts March 8, at 6:30 am in Figueira da Foz. * The first day ends at 23:50 in Povoa do Varzim after 727km (127km crono in 11 stages). * The second day starts at 8:00 and ends in Viseu after 463km (148km crono in 10 stages). * The third days ends at 20:15 in Figueira da Foz after 515km (141km crono in 10 stages).

For foreigners that come to see the rally pay attention to Jose' Carlos Macedo, the official driver of Renault Portuguese and the most spectacular Portuguese driver.

Rui Madeira is another Portuguese official driver (in Mitsubishi groupe N). In principle Isolde Holderied (a woman) is the number one driver on the team, but maybe the knowledge of the places will help Rui. He has entered in Monte Carlo and, the first time he has raced in ice, he got a 3rd place in groupe N.

Mitusbishi won't bring their group A cars, and this was good for Rui, but bad for Makinen, who is first in the Drivers Championship.

Pratice will be from February 26 to March 4, without a maximum number of passages in each stage :-).

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.pt is Portugal| `Whom the gods love die young'-Menander (342-292 BC) Europe | Villeneuve 50-82, Toivonen 56-86, Senna 60-94

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