P-WRC: Rally Sweden: Ascania Racing leg 1 summary

Mentos Ascania Racing comes through the 2nd day of the Rally Sweden

Snowy Sweden brought a lot of surprises for Ukrainian drivers - only two of three cars of the Mentos Ascania Racing broke the tape today. Valeriy Gorban demonstrated stable and fast day and became the best of the all Ukrainian participants. He took the 5th place in the P-WRC results.

For Alexey Kikireshko the day begun dramatically: on the SS2 he lost control at his car and got off the track. The car so deeply stuck in the snow that the crew couldn't release it by themselves. But now the mechanics repaired the car and Kikireshko is ready to continue the race tomorrow morning. Of course he can do it only in the SupeRally System. But Aleksey is not discouraged - his goal for Sweden is to finish all three days.

But the difficult snowy road was hard even for experienced and well-qualified Oleksandr Saliuk. His times on the SS were fast when he was stable and didn't make mistakes, but otherwise he loose his advantage on other stages. Twice he was a prisoner of the snow and wasted the time thereby his total result for today was only 8th place in P-WRC. A bit higher position got Yuriy Protasov - 6th result, but Dmitry Tagirov was the best Slavic driver and took the third place! Valery Gorban the owner of Mentos Ascania Racing team brought the best result to the team's moneybox - he showed very stable day and was pleased with a road condition.

Valery Gorban: "Yesterday was hard day for our team - we replaced the engine in the Saliuk's car, and hardly managed to do it right in time. But as for me the race is wonderful! All SS are interesting, but I wish the surface was a bit hard. Soft snow is not situable for wide wheels".

Oleksandr Saliuk: "Today I made some off-road race - I can hardly belive, but sometimes I couldn't understand this ice and snow surface at all. I used to drive on the gravel roads and now can't change my practice quikly enought"

Vadim Chernega: "Our mistake was made at the very high speed, but the car was not broken too much - I'd like to thank the snow! We slowed down and stopped in the deep snow. When I looked at the car, I thought we need the tank to move it out. But all the spectators came to help us, we digged the snow out and came back to the service park".

-source: ascania racing

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