Ascania Racing P-WRC Thursday summary

Rally de Portugal

The first official racing day of the 2nd P-WRC stage, Rally de Portugal, ended in favor of spectators: thousands of rally-fans came to Lisbon to see sport cars racing by the capital streets at the SSS. All three crews of Mentos Ascania Racing finished today. This season event has quite long distances between SS's - is takes almost 300 km to get from Faro, the place of the shakedown, to Lisbon with SSS. Today Mentos Ascania Racing crews started their journey early morning the photo session with all participants of the race before the official start of the rally.

Usually the SSS results are not important for the total race ranking - the SS distance of Rally de Portugal is very long and consists of three days, and Lisbon SSS is only about 3 km. Unfortunately Mentos Ascania Racing faced an unpleasant situation: Oleksandr Saliuk and Pavel Cherepin finished this day: on the last position in the P-WRC ranking (4:09.0)! The crew themselves said it was an on-line results mistake. So Ukrainian driver didn't care too much about its Thursday position and completely concentrated at the major part of the rally.

Valeriy Gorban and Sergey Larens got the 12th position in P-WRC (3:16,3). Aleksey Kikireshko -Vadim Cehrnega got the 14th line. There were no surprises in the leaders group's results: Anders Grondal became the best (3:02,8), Nikolas Fuchs got the second line (3:03,6), and Patrik Flodin came third with 3:05,7.

Rally de Portugal will bring hard time for Ukrainian drivers on Friday! "We are ready to make regular changes of the suspension's and protection's parts, - says the Mentos Ascania Racing chief mechanic Aleksandr Ptashnik . - It's all because of the very abrasive road surface and sharp stones". On Friday Ukrainian crews are going to pass 132 km of SS and 514 km of total distance.

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