Ascania Racing P-WRC Leg 1 Report

Rally de Portugal

Mentos Ascania Racing - doing our best

Mentos Ascania Racing started Friday stage of Rally de Portugal at the optimistic note: Ukrainian drivers got quite stable results from the beginning and kept good pace till the end of the day. Three Mentos Ascania Racing crews fulfilled the team's program - they passed the whole distance and reached finish line without crashes and troubles.

The stage started with the fair stewards' decision: yesterday Oleksandr Saluik and Pavel Cherepin got wrong result with an "additional" minute. Finally Friday morning rally fans could see the correct score - the "additional" time was cancelled and Saliuk moved to the 9th line in P-WRC. During first Friday section Saliuk improved his position and was the 3rd at the SS4 ( in 0,3 sec ahead Richardo Моurа and in 22,5 sec behind Hayden Paddon). Thereby our driver could show his competitiveness, but stayed very concentrated and careful - he became 4th after the first section and kept this position till the finish. It's quite a high result for Ukrainian driver because of the tough competition at Rally de Portugal.

Valeriy Gorban and Sergey Larens kept calm and self-restrained tactics: the crew spent first section in the top-ten in P-WRC. Gorban made his driving style progressive and took 9th line before the first service brake. Than he moved forward for several positions till the second section: Gorban was 7th at SS6, and it was his best Friday result. Finally he reached the finish and became 9th.

The last Mentos Ascania Racing crew, Aleksey Kikireshko and Vadim Chernega, overcame this day at 15-17th lines of the table. "The roads have varied configuration, - said Vadim Chernega, - and it is quite difficult to take record during the recce. Thereby we keep not so fast pace as it could be. We have to get to the finish!".

Today Hayden Paddon became the fastest driver in the total ranking of P-WRC, Anders Grondal finished the day at the 2nd place, Richardo Моurа got to the finish at 3rd line. One of the P-WRC top-drivers, Patrik Flodin, crashed at the beginning of the day, he could continue the race but couldn't take place in the leaders' competition. All Mentos Ascania Racing cars came through Friday challenge without technical problems. Ukrainian crews are ready to face the next task of Rally de Portugal - 148 km of the SS distance.

-source: ascania racing

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