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BLANEY TURNS TRIPLE PLAY IN WILLIAMS GROVE OPENER By Richard Day MECHANICSBURG, PA (May 26) - Dave Blaney sure knows how to take care of a sponsor. After learning that Vivarin's new brand ...

BLANEY TURNS TRIPLE PLAY IN WILLIAMS GROVE OPENER By Richard Day MECHANICSBURG, PA (May 26) - Dave Blaney sure knows how to take care of a sponsor. After learning that Vivarin's new brand manager, Michelle Zawrotny, was attending the World of Outlaws' opener at Williams Grove Speedway Thursday night, "The Buckeye Bullet" put together the most impressive performance in a Copenhagen-Skoal Shootout racing program this season. He earned his second Ecowater Quick-Time Award of the year, won the Vivarin Dash for the third time this season and led the final 16 laps to capture the $4,000 first prize in the Preliminary Feature. Only a second- place finish in the First Snap-on Tools Heat Race kept Blaney from a perfect performance. "We ran everything just like we did at Hagerstown," said Blaney, who claimed Hagerstown's $25,000 first prize on May 7th. "It's the same engine, and it sure runs good. "It's really nice to win one here at Williams Grove, especially since Michelle Zawrotny and Lee Dorington (of Pendine Motorsports Marketing) are here." The other 31 drivers in the field also raced flawlessly, as the entire racing program - three Snap-on Tools Heat Races, the Vivarin Dash, the "B" Feature and the Preliminary Feature - was run under the green flag. World of Outlaws and Williams Grove officials deserve much of the credit for the caution-free program, as they fought rain until 4 p.m. to get the semi-banked, 1/2-mile oval in perfect condition by the time the green flag fell in hot laps. Blaney, who won two World of Outlaws feature races at Williams Grove last season, started the 20-lap Preliminary Feature on the pole. He fell behind outside polesitter Jeff Swindell when the green flag fell, but steered the #10 Vivarin J&J deep into the second corner and out-dragged Swindell down the back straightaway 4 1/2 laps into the race. "The Buckeye Bullet" opened a 10-car-length advantage within two laps, and entered lapped traffic midway through the race. While Blaney raced well ahead of the field, the other 23 cars battled for position throughout all 20 laps. Steve Kinser and Andy Hillenburg raced two-abreast before Hillenburg drove the #2 STP J&J deep into turn four to take third place late in the fourth lap. Sammy Swindell drove the #1 Bull & Hannah's Jenkins past Kinser in the fourth corner late in lap seven, and took third from Hillenburg at the race's midpoint. Kinser, winner of 17 Copenhagen-Skoal Shootout main events at Williams Grove, caught Andy in heavy lapped traffic with nine laps remaining. He quickly threaded the #11 Valvoline Maxim between Andy and Kevin Frey in turn two to regain fourth place. A pack of backmarkers - Len Krautheim, Bobby Allen, Craig Keel and Todd Shaffer - Blaney caught with eight laps remaining was all that kept him from lapping the field. While it took "The Buckeye Bullet" a lap to pass them, Jeff had to turn his attention to brother Sammy's challenges. The Swindell brothers raced wheel-to-wheel through much of the 14th lap, with Jeff maintaining the runner-up spot. Jeff was maneuvering through heavy lapped traffic between the third and fourth corners as Blaney took the checkered flag. Dave completed the 20 laps in 6:34.2, an average speed of 91.837 m.p.h. Sammy Swindell finished the Preliminary Feature in third place, ahead of Kinser, Hillenburg, Kenny Jacobs, Joe Gaerte, Stevie Smith, 13th- starting Donnie Kreitz, Jr., and Mark Kinser. The engine in the #9TW Gaerte Engines Maxim exploded late in the Vivarin Dash, causing Gaerte to finish in sixth place. His crew worked quickly to replace the power plant in time for him to start the feature. WoO 1994 WORLD OF OUTLAWS/COPENHAGEN-SKOAL SHOOTOUT Williams Grove Speedway, Mechanicsburg, PA Thursday, May 26, Preliminary Program Qualifications: 1. Dave Blaney, Luna 10, 18.753; 2. Joe Gaerte, Two Winners 7TW, 18.783; 3. Andy Hillenburg, Hillenburg 2, 18.847; 4. Jeff Swindell, Two Winners 7TW, 18.925; 5. Kenny Jacobs, Motter 71M, 18.986; 6. Steve Kinser, Kinser 11, 18.990; 7. Sammy Swindell, Gilliam 1, 19.000; 8. Mark Kinser, Kinser 5M, 19.046; 9. Stevie Smith, Hamilton 77, 19.094; 10. Lance Dewease, Dyer 461, 19.135; 11. Keith Kauffman, Eshenaur 5K, 19.185; 12. Greg Hodnett, Two Winners 8TW, 19.219; 13. Donnie Kreitz, Jr., Kreitz 69K, 19.253; 14. Fred Rahmer, Apple 12, 19.369; 15. Billy Pauch, Zemaitis 1Z, 19.476; 16. Craig Keel, Keel 8, 19.530; 17. Jac Haudenschild, Elden 22, 19.534; 18. Cris Eash, Neiderer 10N, 19.551; 19. Todd Shaffer, Beam 88, 19.585; 20. Dan Dietrich, Dietrich 8D, 19.733; 21. Len Krautheim, Weikert 29, 19.771; 22. Sid Blandford, Blandford 31, 19.830; 23. Kevin Frey, Vanderecken 10F, 19.932; 24. Bobby Allen, Allen 1a, 20.116; 25. Todd Gracey, Cooper 25, 20.122; 26. Larry Skinner, Skinner 7, 20.127; 27. Len Thompson, Thompson 10T, 20.481; 28. Bill Sims, Sims 55S, 20.678; 29. Troy Fraker, Fraker 12W, 21.124; 30. Tom Toedter, Toedter 11T, 21.361; 31. Garry Brazier, Brazier 1AU, no time; 32. Hal Wilson, Wilson 2H, no time. First Snap-on Tools Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Donnie Kreitz, Jr., 2. Dave Blaney, 3. Sammy Swindell, 4. Craig Keel, 5. Jeff Swindell, 6. Lance Dewease, 7. Todd Shaffer, 8. Garry Brazier, 9. Todd Gracey, 10. Sid Blandford, 11. Bill Sims. 2:32.1 (first six qualified for the Preliminary Feature) Second Snap-on Tools Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Mark Kinser, 2. Fred Rahmer, 3. Kenny Jacobs, 4. Joe Gaerte, 5. Jac Haudenschild, 6. Dan Dietrich, 7. Kevin Frey, 8. Larry Skinner, 9. Troy Fraker, 10. Keith Kauffman, 11. Hal Wilson. 2:32.2 (first six qualified for the Preliminary Feature) Third Snap-on Tools Heat Race (eight laps): 1. Billy Pauch, 2. Stevie Smith, 3. Andy Hillenburg, 4. Cris Eash, 5. Steve Kinser, 6. Bobby Allen, 7. Greg Hodnett, 8. Len Krautheim, 9. Tom Toedter, 10. Len Thompson. 2:35.5 (first six qualified for the Preliminary Feature) Vivarin Dash (five laps): 1. Dave Blaney, 2. Jeff Swindell, 3. Steve Kinser, 4. Andy Hillenburg, 5. Sammy Swindell, 6. Joe Gaerte, 7. Mark Kinser, 8. Kenny Jacobs. 1:30.6 (finish determined the first eight starting positions in the Preliminary Feature) B Feature (12 laps): 1. Keith Kauffman, 2. Len Krautheim, 3. Todd Shaffer, 4. Greg Hodnett, 5. Sid Blandford, 6. Kevin Frey, 7. Todd Gracey ($160); 8. Garry Brazier ($135); 9. Larry Skinner ($110); 10. Bill Sims ($85); 11. Troy Fraker ($70); 12. Tom Toedter ($60); 13. Hal Wilson ($50); 14. Len Thompson ($50). 3:54.8 (first six qualified for the Preliminary Feature) Preliminary Feature (20 laps): 1. Dave Blaney ($4,010); 2. Jeff Swindell ($2,310); 3. Sammy Swindell ($1,610); 4. Steve Kinser ($1,410); 5. Andy Hillenburg ($1,260); 6. Kenny Jacobs ($1,110); 7. Joe Gaerte ($1,010); 8. Stevie Smith ($860); 9. Donnie Kreitz, Jr. ($810); 10. Mark Kinser ($760); 11. Fred Rahmer ($460); 12. Lance Dewease ($410); 13. Billy Pauch ($360); 14. Greg Hodnett ($330); 15. Cris Eash ($260); 16. Keith Kauffman ($230); 17. Craig Keel ($210); 18. Jac Haudenschild ($210); 19. Todd Shaffer ($230); 20. Dan Dietrich ($210); 21. Bobby Allen ($210); 22. Len Krautheim ($230); 23. Kevin Frey ($230); 24. Sid Blandford ($230). 6:32.4 Lap leaders: Jeff Swindell 1-4, Dave Blaney 5-20 Ecowater Fast-Qualifier Award winner: Dave Blaney WoO*eot

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