Williams Grove first night results 2007-09-28

Chad Layton Wins Opening Night of National Open at Williams Grove Since the time he first climbed into a sprint car in 1998, one of Chad Layton's main goals was to win a World of Outlaws event. Being a top competitor at Williams Grove Speedway...

Chad Layton Wins Opening Night of National Open at Williams Grove

Since the time he first climbed into a sprint car in 1998, one of Chad Layton's main goals was to win a World of Outlaws event. Being a top competitor at Williams Grove Speedway for the last several years, he has had a number of opportunities to race with the series at his home track.

He achieved this goal on Friday night, leading all 25 laps on the opening night of the National Open at Williams Grove Speedway to earn his first career World of Outlaws win.

For the victory, he earned $5,000 and also put himself on the pole position for the first heat race on Saturday night in the finale of the National Open, as the Top-four finishers from Friday's preliminary night were all slotted into the Top-four spots in time trials for Saturday night, with heat races to be lined up heads-up by qualifying time.

"It's a dream come true to win a World of Outlaws event at Williams Grove, there is no place better," said an ecstatic Layton in the winner's circle. "There is no event better. I'm at a loss for words, this is awesome."

Layton endured a number of early cautions in the 25-lap event and a couple of red flags, in addition to a hard charging Kerry Madsen. Several times during the first five laps, Madsen dove low in the first turn to inch ahead, with Layton using the high side of the track to power back to the lead as the pair exited the second turn.

This came on the heels of a caution for Steve Kinser who was running fourth when he suffered a problem to his front end which ended his night and a subsequent red flag for defending National Open winner Doug Esh, who got upside down.

"Our car was best up high," said Layton, driver of the Pete's Bridge Street Motors Maxim. "The crew said it was good on the bottom too, but carrying the momentum around the top side was definitely the fastest way around, even though it's the long way around. There were a couple of times that I tried the middle and the bottom and I just felt like I wasn't carrying enough speed or momentum. I felt I had to put it back upstairs."

Layton opened about a six car length on the fifth lap, before the caution flag flew again. On the ensuing restart, Madsen dove low into turn one, reminiscent of the opening lap of the event, and inched ahead of Layton as the pair made their way into the second turn, with Layton again taking the lead as Madsen slid high in the second turn.

Toward the halfway point of the 25-lap event, Layton began to open a slight lead, while Jeff Sheppard began to battle Madsen for the runner-up spot. The leader hit some light lapped traffic on the 16th lap. He continued to run high, as Madsen was able to make up some ground and close in. The caution flew for the final time on the 21st lap, setting up a four lap shootout.

Layton used a very strong restart to jump to a healthy lead, as T.J. Stutts made a late charge on Madsen to take the second position, with Donny Schatz who started 21st, working his way up to fourth at the checkered flag.

"It was more worrisome than frustrating," said Layton, a native of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, of the numerous cautions and red flags. "I knew there were a lot of hard chargers behind me and I knew that they were coming. I raced (Kerry) Madsen hard at the beginning and T.J. (Stutts) late. They never lay down, they kept coming."

Stutts lined up fifth for the 25-lap preliminary feature and fell back to sixth on the opening lap. He moved back into fifth on one of the early cautions and patiently stayed there until the final six laps of the race. He first got around Lucas Wolfe for fourth on the 19th lap, before passing Jeff Sheppard two laps later. He got around Kerry Madsen with three laps remaining to earn a runner-up finish in the Trone Outdoor Maxim.

"We were that good pretty much all night," said Stutts. "We were so good on the bottom in (turns) one and two and I drove down there on about the second lap and got by Lucas (Wolfe) and by the Zemko car (Jeff Sheppard) and we had the yellow and they were put back in front of me. They are pretty smart racers and they know that you are."

Madsen aboard the Selma Shell Maxim battled Layton lap after lap in the early going, prior to a full lap being completed, inching ahead a couple of times in the first turn. He then took the lead yet another time in the first and second turns on the second lap, prior to the red flag flying for the second time on the night. By way of World of Outlaws rules, the restart order is set by how the field was running on the last completed lap, thus putting him in second, where he was after the first completed lap. He would finish third at the completion of the 25-lap event.

"I feel like we let one get away," said Madsen. "I had the lead numerous times for about five seconds, but couldn't keep it. We had good runs in lapped traffic and then the yellow would come out. I'm happy to bring the car home in third at Williams Grove."

Schatz steadily worked his way to the front in the ParkerStore J&J, gaining 17 positions to finish fourth and earn the KSE Race Products Hard Charger Award. He nearly nipped Madsen at the line, finishing just a tenth of a second behind the current Kevin Gobrecht Rookie of the Year Award leader.

"The track got slick and we made a lot of the right changes on the car," said Schatz. "We have 15 more laps tomorrow night and our car was bad to the bone from lap 20 on tonight. It will be better tomorrow night and we just hope that we put ourselves in a little better position."

Jeff Sheppard was fifth on Friday night in the Zemko Tool & Die Maxim. He also started fifth and ran in the third spot for a majority of the race before losing a couple of spots on a late restart.

Greg Hodnett was sixth in the Macri Concrete J&J, with Joey Saldana in seventh in the Open Joist JEI. Tim Shaffer was eighth aboard the Casey's General Stores Maxim. Jason Solwold, who was the fastest of the 55 cars in time trials, was ninth in the City Wide Insulation Maxim. Lucas Wolfe rounded out the Top-10 in the Rick's Auto Body Maxim.

Even as he was celebrating his first World of Outlaws win, Layton was already thinking about the finale of the National Open on Saturday night and what it will take to win the $50,000 top prize.

"The track will be a lot different starting off tomorrow," noted the winner. "Starting off tomorrow, it will probably be more like it is right now to start the night. I'm pleased to have the good starting spot tomorrow in the heat."

Stutts began the night by winning the first heat to earn a spot in the Crane Cams Dash, where he finished fifth. He had one of the fastest cars at the end of the 25-lap preliminary feature on Friday night. While he would have liked to have seen longer stretches of green flag racing, he was very pleased with how the night turned out.

"The cautions were a little frustrating, but they gave me lots of opportunities to change the car and try to get it dialed in," said Stutts. "We were a lot better at the end."

Stutts feels confident for the finale of the National Open on Saturday night, knowing that his team has a very good set-up.

"If the track is like it is tonight and does not take rubber, we should be in pretty good shape," he said. "This is the best I have felt all year. It's a great time to be running good."

Madsen was another driver that was disappointed to see the yellow and red flags fly on Friday night, though he was still extremely happy with how solid of a night his team had. He won the second heat to earn a spot in the Crane Cams Dash where he started fourth and finished second.

"On one red I had lead, I'm not saying I would have kept it, and I felt like I had an advantage on longer runs," said the native of St. Mary's, NSW, Australia. "He (Layton) was really good at the end anyway. I'm just glad to have a good Top-three."

After using a provisional to make the field in his first visit to Williams Grove in May and then failing to qualify for the A-Feature the following night, Madsen has competed in four straight feature events at the track, as he continues to gain valuable experience at the famed track.

"I feel a lot more confident now than I did earlier today," Madsen said. "We struggled here in the past and VRP gave us a new right rear shock and the thing is awesome. I'm really pumped about 40 laps tomorrow. We'll see what happens."

Schatz , who continues to lead the World of Outlaws championship standings, as he chases his second consecutive title, began the night by turning in the 26th fastest lap in time trials, which put him on the outside of the fourth row in the second heat, where he finished fifth to earn a spot in the preliminary feature.

"I just made two bad laps qualifying," explained the reigning World of Outlaws champion. "There was a lot of speed to pick up on the second lap and I made a mistake going into (turn) three. I tried a different line. We just didn't have things rolling. I don't know why we keep having trouble when we let these motors sit under the bench for a while, but we got everything straightened out by the end of the night."

Both nights of the National Open will be broadcast on SPEED, with the opener from Friday night set to air on October 7.

The World of Outlaws return to action on Saturday night, with the finale of the National Open at Williams Grove Speedway, which will pay $50,000 to the winner.


* FAST QUALIFIER: Jason Solwold paced the 55 cars that took time with an AMB i.t. timed lap around the semi-banked half-mile oval in 16.941 seconds at 106.251 mph. For his qualifying effort, Solwold earned five bonus points. The next four fastest qualifiers also earned bonus points, including: Tim Shaffer (4), Lucas Wolfe (3), Jeff Sheppard (2) and Doug Esh (1).

* QUALIFYING WINNERS: T.J. Stutts, Kerry Madsen, Chad Layton and Steve Kinser won heat races... Brian Montieth won the C-Main... Doug Eash won the B-Main ... Chad Layton won the Crane Cams Dash.

* UP NEXT: The finale of the National Open at Williams Grove Speedway in Pennsylvania on Saturday, September 29.

World of Outlaws Statistical Report; Williams Grove Speedway; Mechanicsburg, PA; Sept. 28, 2007

1) R19-Jason Solwold 16.941
2) 6-Tim Shaffer 16.968
3) 5W-Lucas Wolfe 17.032
4) 1-Jeff Shepard 17.052
5) 30-Doug Esh 17.118
6) 11H-Kerry Madsen 17.210
7) 22-Greg Hodnett 17.224
8) 9-Joey Saldana 17.232
9) 8M-Chris Meleason 17.251
10) 14-Jason Meyers 17.269
11) 25-Chad Layton 17.275
12) 11-Steve Kinser 17.278
13) 39-T.J. Stutts 17.297
14) 2L-Ed Lynch Jr. 17.300
15) 1X-Randy Hannagan 17.300
16) 25P-Billy Pauch 17.306
17) 12-Kevin Nouse 17.350
18) 18T-Tony Bruce Jr. 17.353
19) 21-Daryn Pittman 17.379
20) O7-Mark Smith 17.391
21) 83-Danny Lasoski 17.436
22) 7S-Jason Sides 17.454
23) D1-Justin Henderson 17.455
24) 88-Todd Shaffer 17.455
25) 7K-Keith Kauffman 17.469
26) 15-Donny Schatz 17.471
27) 10C-Jeremy Campbell 17.474
28) 5C-Chad Hillier 17.475
29) 30C-Lance Dewease 17.485
30) 6F-Bob Felmlee 17.498
31) 69K-Donald Krietz Jr. 17.510
32) 71-Brian Leppo 17.515
33) 24-Terry McCarl 17.588
34) 35-Jac Haudenschild 17.607
35) 21P-Brian Montieth 17.624
36) 7-Craig Dollansky 17.624
37) 8K-Chad Kemenah 17.658
38) 15H-Sam Hafertepe Jr. 17.701
39) 35A-Alan Cole 17.704
40) 3B-Scott Bonnell 17.709
41) 6N-Sean Michael 17.730
42) 69-Justin Collett 17.772
43) 19-Stevie Smith 17.786
44) 10N-Todd Hestor 17.852
45) 461-Tommy Beavers 17.857
46) 22Z-Michael Carber 17.869
47) 51-Fred Rahmer 17.891
48) 11E-Mike Erdley 17.931
49) 17B-Steven Buckwalter 17.964
50) 28-Brian Paulus 18.129
51) O3-Clark Simmonton 18.159
52) 20-Paul McMahan 18.194
53) 49-Bob Howard 18.265
54) 89-Cody Darrah 18.375
55) 45-A.J. Michael 19.490
56) 3-Bob Bennett 28.743

Heat 1 (8 Laps, top 5 finishers transferred to A-feature)
1) 39-T.J. Stutts
2) R19-Jason Solwold
3) 12-Kevin Nouse
4) 83-Danny Lasoski
5) 30C-Lance Dewease
6) 6N-Sean Michael
7) 8M-Chris Meleason
8) 8K-Chad Kemenah
9) 24-Terry McCarl
10) 7K-Keith Kauffman
11) 30-Doug Esh

Heat 2 (8 Laps, top 5 finishers transferred to A-feature)
1) 11H-Kerry Madsen
2) 14-Jason Meyers
3) 6-Tim Shaffer
4) 35-Jac Haudenschild
5) 15-Donny Schatz
6) 7S-Jason Sides
7) 6F-Bob Felmlee
8) 18T-Tony Bruce Jr.
9) 69-Justin Collett
10) 15H-Sam Hafertepe Jr.
11) 2L-Ed Lynch Jr.

Heat 3 (8 Laps, top 5 finishers transferred to A-feature)
1) 25-Chad Layton
2) 5W-Lucas Wolfe
3) 22-Greg Hodnett
4) 1X-Randy Hannagan
5) 21-Daryn Pittman
6) 19-Stevie Smith
7) 10C-Jeremy Campbell
8) D1-Justin Henderson
9) 21P-Brian Montieth
10) 69K-Donald Krietz Jr.
11) 35A-Alan Cole

Heat 4 (8 Laps, top 5 finishers transferred to A-feature)
1) 11-Steve Kinser
2) 1-Jeff Shepard
3) 25P-Billy Pauch
4) 7-Craig Dollansky
5) O7-Mark Smith
6) 71-Brian Leppo
7) 5C-Chad Hillier
8) 10N-Todd Hestor
9) 9-Joey Saldana
10) 88-Todd Shaffer
11) 3B-Scott Bonnell

Crane Cams Dash (6 laps, finishing order determined first 10 starting positions of A-feature)
1) 25-Chad Layton
2) 11H-Kerry Madsen
3) 5W-Lucas Wolfe
4) 11-Steve Kinser
5) 39-T.J. Stutts
6) 1-Jeff Shepard
7) 6-Tim Shaffer
8) R19-Jason Solwold
9) 14-Jason Meyers
10) 22-Greg Hodnett

D-main (10 laps, top 4 finishers transferred to C-main)
1) 51-Fred Rahmer
2) 28-Brian Paulus
3) 20-Paul McMahan
4) 17B-Steven Buckwalter
5) 461-Tommy Beavers [$100]
6) 49-Bob Howard [$100]
7) 89-Cody Darrah [$100]
8) O3-Clark Simmonton [$100]
9) 45-A.J. Michae [$100]l
10) 22Z-Michael Carber [$100]
11) 11E-Mike Erdley [$100]
12) 3-Bob Bennett [$100]

C-main (10 laps, top 2 finishers transferred to B-main)
1) 21P-Brian Montieth
2) 19-Stevie Smith
3) 24-Terry McCarl [$125]
4) 6N-Sean Michael [$100]
5) 51-Fred Rahmer [$100]
6) 28-Brian Paulus [$100]
7) 8K-Chad Kemenah [$100]
8) 10N-Todd Hestor [$100]
9) 17B-Steven Buckwalter [$100]
10) 69-Justin Collett [$100]
11) 3B-Scott Bonnell [$100]
12) 20-Paul McMahan [$100]
13) 15H-Sam Hafertepe Jr. [$100]
14) 35A-Alan Cole [$100]

B-main (12 laps, top 4 finishers transferred to A-feature)
1) 30-Doug Esh
2) 9-Joey Saldana
3) 8M-Chris Meleason
4) 88-Todd Shaffer
5) 7K-Keith Kauffman [$150]
6) 19-Stevie Smith [$125]
7) 18T-Tony Bruce Jr. [$100]
8) 69K-Donald Krietz Jr. [$100]
9) 10C-Jeremy Campbell [$100]
10) 21P-Brian Montieth [$100]
11) 7S-Jason Sides [$100]
12) 2L-Ed Lynch Jr. [$100]
13) 71-Brian Leppo [$100]
14) 5C-Chad Hillier [$100]
15) D1-Justin Henderson [$100]
16) 6F-Bob Felmlee [$100]

A-main (25 laps) - Starting Position [#]
1) 25-Chad Layton[1] [$5,000]
2) 39-T.J. Stutts[5] [$3,000]
3) 11H-Kerry Madsen[2] [$2,500]
4) 15-Donny Schatz[21] [$2,200]
5) 1-Jeff Shepard[6] [$2,100]
6) 22-Greg Hodnett[10] [$2,000]
7) 9-Joey Saldana[12] [$1,800]
8) 6-Tim Shaffer[7] [$1,600]
9) R19-Jason Solwold[8] [$1,500]
10) 5W-Lucas Wolfe[3] [$1,300]
11) 14-Jason Meyers[9] [$1,200]
12) 83-Danny Lasoski[19] [$1,100]
13) 21-Daryn Pittman[17] [$1,000]
14) 35-Jac Haudenschild[23] [$850]
15) 30C-Lance Dewease[22] [$750]
16) 51-Fred Rahmer[26] [$100]
17) 88-Todd Shaffer[20] [$600]
18) 7-Craig Dollansky[24] [$600]
19) 20-Paul McMahan[25] [$0]
20) O7-Mark Smith[18] [$600]
21) 1X-Randy Hannagan[14] [$600]
22) 11E-Mike Erdley[28] [$0]
23) 7S-Jason Sides[27] [$0]
24) 12-Kevin Nouse[16] [$600]
25) 25P-Billy Pauch[15] [$600]
26) 8M-Chris Meleason[13] [$600]
27) 11-Steve Kinser[4] [$600]
28) 30-Doug Esh[11] [$600]

Lap Leaders: Chad Layton 1-25
KSE Hard Charger Award: Donny Schatz

Note: Paul McMahan and Jason Sides used World of Outlaws provisionals to start the preliminary feature. Fred Rahmer and Mike Erdley used a Williams Grove Speedway track provisionals to start the preliminary feature.

-credit: woo

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