Team Mopar Friday Las Vegas Notes

Las Vegas, March 3, 2000 - Mark Kinser qualified the ...

Las Vegas, March 3, 2000 - Mark Kinser qualified the #5M Mopar sixth for the Second night of competition at the Lag Vegas Speedway tonight. After finishing first in his heat race and third in the second dash race, Kinser lined up sixth for the first televised 'A' feature of the season. Kinser powered his way to third an the first of 30 UPS before breaking the front torsion bar on the car, making the Mopar extremely difficult to drive for the remainder of the race. Kinser was able to hold on for A tenth place finish.

Date Blaney, driver of the #93 Amoco car qualified in the 15th position after having an ignition go bad. The Amoco team changed magnetos in the car before lining up fourth in their heat race where he later finished third. Blaney finished fourth in the first dash race lining him up to start in the seventh position in the 'A' feature. Blaney struggled with the handling of the car, but finished the feature in the 13th position.

Mark Kinser, driver, #5m Mopar, finished 10th:

On the first lap, the front two torsion bars that hold the left side of the car up broke causing the car to actually drag the ground in the corners. I wasn't sure if I should stop and try to regroup, but I feel like I would not have gotten as good of a finish for the Mopar as we did. So I fought the car for the rest of the race. All of the other guys could run high and get the speed, but I had to run low on the track just to keep control of the car. This Mopar has run great all weekend and I just wish that we could have finished better. But there is still a lot of racing to go this season and I know that this Mopar will be in victory lane many times."

Dale Blaney, driver, #93 Amoco, finished 13th:

"We worked through some ignition problems early in the evening and felt like we were able to recover from those. The Mopar engine has been running great, we have not had to make a single adjustment to the motor. We have just been struggling with the power of the motor and the handling of the car. I feel like it will just take some getting used to by the team and myself. We just couldn't seem to got the car tight for the feature, but we will keep working and hope to bring another Mopar to victory lane soon."

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